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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume One



Native reserves. Memorandum attached to Deed of Cession op Waiuku Block.
1.The following are the lands which have been agreed upon as places of abode for the tribe, that is, for such of them as have not been engaged in rebellion.
1 Pehiakura and Kapeuta1000
2 " (for Paora te Iwi, special)100
3 Okonau (Hemi Manu)300
4 Tahurangatira and Tahuamango1700
5 Maraeirohea269
6 Huarau800
7 Te Ara-o-tane Allot. No. 102 (Erueta Ponui)200
8 Otitehe Allots. Nos. 119 and 120 (Erueta Ponui)
9 Te Pukahu (Ripora)29
10 Opouatu Allot. No. 53 (Paora Katipa)92page 353
11 Otaua (Ahepene)18
12 Otoiki82
13 Special Grant to Ahepene200
14 Special Grant to Hori Tauroa200
15 Awhitu (Fishing Station)158
Otamatearoa Lagoon (Eel Fishing)
Whatihua North side (Peti Katipa)
Putehui Landing Place5
2.These also are the burying grounds (Wahi Tapu) which have been surveyed and Burial grounds. which are excepted from this purchase. That is,
1 Tangitanginga63
2 Te Kuo123
3 Waiaraponia30
4 Te Papawhero509
5 Pukekonui115
6 Maramatawhana33
7 Otitehe and Tauwhare35
8 Taurangaruru2.2.25
9 Te Kete16.3.0
10 Te Hautapu8.1.0
11 Kohipo13.2.0
12 Kopuka72.0.0
13 Kaikaka7.1.0
14 Pakakina220.0.0
15 Taumoana Piauau5.2.0
3.This is the mode in which the purchase money will be paid to the Ngatiteata, now, Mode of payment. and during the next three ensuing years, That is,
On November 2nd 1864£2100
" November 2nd 18651050
" November 2nd 18661050
" November 2nd 18671050
4.If any person shall hereafter arise, asserting that a portion of this land belongs to him, and it his claim be proved to be correct, his demand shall be settled out of the Purchase money above named, But this will have no reference to the persons who continue in rebellion, nor to the Ngatitipa in regard of their claim on the Awaroa. It will be for the Government to arrange with them.
5.The lands above recounted and which have been surveyed as a perpetual residence for the people, and which are described on the plan annexed, shall be settled by a Crown Grant upon the Ngatiteata and their children in perpetuity. But the Crown Grants to Aihepene Kaihau, to Hori Tauroa, and to Paora te Iwi, for the five hundred acres (500 acres) granted to them, shall be conveyed to them personally (i.e., by Special Grant).

A True Copy of Original Deed, Memoranda, and Translations.

H. Hanson Turton.

Wellington, Sept. 9th, 1874.