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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume One



This Deed written on this twenty-second (22) day of October in the year of our Lord 1857. 22 October.Manukau and Waikato District. one thousand eight hundred and fifty seven (1857) is a paper of the full consent of us the chiefs and people of Ngatiteata whose names are affixed to this document on behalf of ourselves our relatives and our descendants who may be born after us entirely to surrender a portion of our land to Victoria the Queen of England to the Kings or Queens who may succeed her for ever.
The principal names within the Block are Puketapu and Kauritutai. These are the boundaries commencing at Papa o Tutauaki thence along the boundary of the laud sold Boundaries. by us to the Queen in the Tatangarau creek thence to Te Rewarewa where it crosses at Whakaronga and thence to Puketutu and on to the source of the Tatangarau turning thence and running in a southerly direction to Kakaroa and Pa Aronga turning thence and running inland to Waipapa to Ruahine to Te Pota and to Opoua continuing on thence crossing at Waihakari in a straight line to Te Wharau and to the waters of Manuka harbor and along the shore to Papaotutauaki.
There are two sections within this block of one hundred acres each one at the Two reserves (100 acres each) at Parairai and Whakarongo for Ihaia Te Manga and Aihepene Kaihau. wooded portion at Parairai, the other at the wooded portion at Whakarongo. one section for Ihaia Te Manga the other section for Aihipene Kaihau.
And in consideration of our consent entirely to give up this portion of our land Victoria the Queen of England agrees to pay for our land the sum of Four hundred pounds £400 Three hundred and thirty pounds £330 of these monies we have this day received. Receipt for £330.

We have entirely and for ever given up this land to Victoria the Queen of England to the Kings or Queens who may succeed her for ever with its streams waters timber stones and all belonging to the said land absolutely and for ever.

And on the receipt of the said monies from Mr McLean though paid to us by the hands of Mr. Searancke on this twenty-second day of October we hereunto affix our names and marks.

And for the consent of the Queen of England on her behalf to all the conditions of this Deed the name of Donald McLean Esquire Land Purchase Commissioner of New Zealand has been affixed hereunto.

Signed for Donald McLean Esquire by—

William N. Searancke,
Dist. Commr. and Surveyor.
Totaia x his mark,
and 13 others.


John Hobbs.
John White, Interpreter, Land Purchase Dept.

True translation—

John Rogan, D.C., for the Chief Commr.

June, 18, 1858.

A True Copy, of Original Deed and Translation.

H. Hanson Turton.

Wellington, November 3rd, 1874.