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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume One



1856. 31 October.Manukau District.I, Ihaka Takaanini agree on this 31st day of October in the year 1856 to give up to the Queen a portion of Papakura as a road for the Europeans and Natives the road to be one chain wide and to pass from one side of Papakura to the other at Opoka.
Papakura And Karaka Roads. And I further agree to give up certain portions of te Karaka as roads for the Europeans and the Natives and also a place of residence for the keeper of the Ferry. The road to be one chain wide and to pass over our land at te Karak and on to the lands of the Europeans and if the surveyor sees fit that the road should pass on the Eastern side of te Tumu the road on the West is to Residence for Ferryman, Patutahanui, 5 acres. be forsaken, and if the surveyor sees fit that the road should pass on the West side of Tumu the road on the East side is to, be forsaken. The place of residence for, the Ferry Keeper is to be five acres in extent. The boundary of the said five acres on the West side is the Patutahanui Creek and on the East the Awa a Moa and the surveyor is to define the boundary on the landward side. The name of the land is Patutahanui The land takenup by these roads has been given up to the Queen for ever.
Receipt for payment: The payment for these portions of land at Papakura and te Karaka is, a Mare in
foal. And in testimony of my having received the said mare and of my consent to all the conditions of this paper I hereunto sign my name.

(Sd.) Ihaka Takaanini.

In the presence of—

C. O. Davis, Interpreter.
E. B. Dickson, B.A.

True Translation.

Wm. B. Bakes.

page 339Auckland,December 17th 1856. I have received from Mr. McLean the sum of Ten pounds (£10) being the final payment for the road at Papakura and the Road at te Karaka and the five acres there which I have given up to the Government.Receipt for £10, final payment.

Ihaka Takaanini.


C. O. Davis, Interpreter.

True Translation.

Wm. B. Baker, L.P.D.

A True Copy of Original Deed and Translation.

H. Hanson Turton.

Wellington, September 4th, 1874.