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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume One


page 327


This Deed entered into on the 10th of November 1853 the consenting of us the Chiefs 1853. 10 November.Manukau District. of the Ngatiwhatua and the Akitai tribes and the Ngatiteata also the consenting of the Queen of England on her part now we the persons whose names are signed below the owners of the land described in this deed the Chiefs of the Ngatiwhatua Akitai and the Hikurangi. Ngatiteata do now consent to sell this land to Queen Victoria for the sum of £1100 now given to us it is further agreed to by the Queen of England on her part that there shall be paid for the following purposes that is to say for the founding of schools in which 10 per cent. on sales to be expended on Native purposes. persons of our race may be taught for the construction of Hospitals in which persons of our race may be tended for the payment of medical attendance for us for annuities for our chiefs or for other purposes of a like nature in which the Natives of this country have an interest ten per cent. or ten pounds out of every hundred pounds out of moneys from time to time received for this land when it is resold for this we give up and make over to Victoria Queen of England and her Heirs and Successors for ever this land and all thereunto belonging the boundaries being these on the West by the ocean on the Boundaries. North by the Ahu that at the Unuhanga o Rangitoto at Hikurangi by the tree on the edge of the cliff of the Ahu coming from thence in a direct line to Pukema tikeo and continued on the North boundary of land sold to Henderson and Mac Farlane into the Waitemata river on the East by the Waitemata river and the Whau creek and across the old portage to the salt water of Manukau on the South by the Manukau river all the land within these boundaries are given up to the Queen not the smallest portion whatever being retained by us A sketch of this land is on the back of this Deed.

Witness our names—

(Sd.) Ehaka Takanini.
" Mohi.
" Paul.
" Reweti.
" Wiremu reweti.
" Reihama.
" Hura.
" Hamiora Kene.
" Ahipene Kaihau.
(Sd.) Kawau.
" Ceaine (Kene).
" Apiato.
" Parata.
" Wiremu Hoete x his mark.
" Rawiri.
" Horama.
" Katipa.


John White, Interpreter.
C. H. McIntosh.

Witness to Katipa's signature,

Jany. 31, 1854—

John White, Interpreter.

We have received the £1100 the sum agreed to in this Deed hence our signingReceipt for £l,100. these our names on this day the 10th of November in the year of our Lord 1853.

[Names as above.]

Katipa paid on

30th January, 1854.

A True Copy of Original Deed and Translation.

H. Hanson Turton.

Wellington, September 7th, 1874.