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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume One



1843. 7 December.Manukau District.The Execution of this Deed on the seventh day of December 1843 signifies the consent by us the Chiefs and people of Ngatiteata and the consent of the Queen of England for her. Now the Chiefs and people of Ngatiteate the owners of the land herein referred to—those chiefs and people consent to sell this land to Queen Victoria in consideration Pukekohe No. 1. of the payment of £150 and the following goods 181 blankets 30 coats, 1 large tent, two smaller tents, 18 saws, 16 blocks, 4 frying pans, one hammer, 11 shingling hammers, 788 lbs. tobacco, 2 bed gowns, 1 auger, 3 chisels, 5 planes, 9 gimlets, 290 lbs. nails, six pit saws, seven cross-cut saws, seven handles, seven handles for below, seven fasteners for the handles, 46 saw files, 13 pit saw files, 1 rough saw, 1 box pipes, 3 iron pots, 2 saucepans, 2 tea kettles, 2 ovens, 13 axes, 20 tomahawks, 4 brushes, 1 horse brush, 4 (pairs) shoes, 1 water pot, 1 compass, 8 spades, six jackets, 6 combs, six prs. of trousers, 6 silk page 310handkerchiefs, 14 white shirts, six souwesters, 5 cartouche boxes which have been now given to the Chiefs and people, thereto that land and all thereto appertaining is given up to Victoria Queen of England and to the Kings or Queens after her for ever. The Boundaries. boundaries are these: Commencing at Te Kirikiri on the Western side of the Whatapaka stream thence by the coast to Pouaarangiwhiri, thence straight on to Wairere, thence from the coast to Te Puonetea, it ends, thence it goes inland up to the hill thence to the coast to Pokorua thence along the coast to Te Taroa, thence in a direct line to Te Places excluded. Kirikiri. But we retain these places: Te Karaka, Te Rapa, at Pukekohe and the places along the Waikato, the Governor's comes out at Puonetea and Pokorua. The plan is at the back hereof. Witness our names and marks.

The mark of Kaihau.

&c. &c. &c.

Names signed and marks made in the presence of—

(Sd.) George Clarke.
(Sd.) Thomas Spencer Forsaith.

Receipt for £150 and goods. We have received all the consideration set forth in this deed viz. (Given above) We have therefore signed our names this 7th December in the year of our Lord: 1843.

And others.

In the presence of—

(Sd.) George Clarke.
(Sd.) Thomas Spencer Forsaith.

Translated by—

T. E. Young, Interpreter.

A True Copy of Original Deed and Translation.

H. Hanson Turton.

Wellington, September 11th, 1874.