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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume One



This Deed written on this tenth (10) day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand 1854 10 July eight hundred and fifty four (1854) is a paper of the full consent of us the Chiefs to Auckland District. whom the land belongs and the free men also to give up for ever a certain portion of our land to the Queen of England to the Kings or Queens who may succeed her for ever. Takapautotara. The name of the land is—Takapautotara.
The Boundaries are as follows:—Commencing at Te Ahitoroa, thence to Kapurangi Boundaries at the Manuka tree by the side of the Mangawheau river, where it turns and runs along the Hunua purchase at Tipakuri, thence to Matakawa and along the boundary of the Hunua to Waikohukohu on Hewling's line, where it turns and runs along the boundary line of Bolt's from thence to the Koroii tree, thence it turns S. 50° W. to the Rewarewa tree by the Tarakoromuka river thence it turns S. 50° E. to the boundary Pukekiwiriki and along that line to the Pokapu stream thence to Hay's boundary and down to the Kauri tree on the Queen's boundary line thence from the kauri tree to the boundary of Poponui, Mataiwaka, Waihoehoe, and Kaeaea, thence to the Rata tree, where it turns and descends to te Ahitawa where the boundary commenced.
And in consideration of our consent to sell this land Victoria the Queen of England has consented to pay us the sum of Four hundred pounds £400. Two hundred pounds Receipt for £200, first instalment of these monies we have this day received from Mr. McLean, and when all persons having a claim on this land have expressed their assent the remaining sum of Two hundred pounds (£200) will be paid to us.

Now we have for ever given up this land of ours to the Queen with its timber, page 296streams, minerals, and all whatsoever above or below and in testimony of the receipt of these monies we have hereunto affixed our names and marks.

(Signed) Ihaka Takanini.
Te Pepene te Tihi x his mark.
Hunia Te Nawe.
Hemi Te Ngohi.
Wiremu Parata te Kupenga.
Ko Karaka Maki x.
Ko Ruatara.
Ko Heta te Tihi.
Wiremu Rata Ratari.
Hori Wetuki.


(Signed) John White, Interpreter.
H. T. Kemp.

True Translation.

Donald McLean, Chief Commissioner.

March 19th, 1856.