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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume One



This Deed entered into on the ninth day of June one thousand eight hundred and fifty 1853. 9 June. three being the agreement between the Chiefs of the Nga Timanoki and the Chiefs of Tirikohua. the Ngatikura Tribes and also the Queen of England on her part, now we Piripi, Paratene, Warihi, Kereopa Hapimana and Paora being the owners of the land described in this document hereby agree to sell this land to the Queen of England for the sum of Four hundred and thirty pounds stg. Tiri Kohua being the name of the land the money Price £430. to be given in two Instalments the first to be two hundred and thirty pounds the second to be two hundred in consideration of which we give and let to Victoria Queen of England and Kings and Queens after her for ever and ever this land and all belonging to it whatsoever. The Boundaries are these, on the East it is bounded by the Rama Boundaries. Rama as defined in the sale of Rama Rama to the Queen, the boundary on the North is [9,000 acres.] the line cut by the Surveyors on the sale to the Queen of Tutaenui and Tomotomo. The boundary on the West is the Creek Parakaha that on the South is the confluence of the stream Wakapipi and the Parakaha river then on the hole at the side of the Wakapipi and on to the road of Tuakau and thence by compass North 80° East on till it cuts page 286the Boundary of Rama Rama, the plan of this land being endorsed on the other side of this Deed.

Witness our names underwritten—

(Sd.) Hapimana, Piripi, Kereopa, Tarahutai, Te Warihi, Paratene, Paora, Ropiha, Patara, hami
Piripi, Potaua, te Urupa


(Sd.) A. Sinclair, Junr

(Sd.) John White, Interpreter

Receipt for£230
21 June, 1853 received cash200
We have received two hundred and thirty pounds the first instalment on the 9th day of June 1853 also the second instalment being two hundred pounds on the 21st day of June 1853 agreed in this Deed hence our now writing our names on this day the 9th of June for the first instalment and also for the second instalment on the 21st of June in the year of Our Lord 1853.

(Sd.) Piripi
" Te Warihi
" Kereopa
" Paratene
" Terehuai
" Paora
" Hapimana
" Ropiha
" Teurupa
" Patara
" Hami
" Piripi
" Potaua
(Sd.) Te Mata
" Epiha
" Epiha, Junr
" Te Urupa
" Te Hemara
" Natuma
" Moiti te Rewarewa
" Noki
" Hona te Tahi
" Te Hamara
" Ropiha
" Patara
" Rawiri

Witness to signatures—

(Sd.)Andrew Sinclair

" John White, Interpreter

"John Grant Johnson

A True Copy of Original Deed and Translation.

H. Hanson Turton

Wellington March 19th, 1875