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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume One



Know all men by this Document that we the chiefs and people of Ngatipaoa do hereby 1841. 28 May.Auckland District. sell and make over at this time this our Land (named Tamaki) and all places lying within the boundaries described or written within this Document, to Mr. Clarke Protector of Aborigines for the Queen of England, for her heirs after her, for any male or Kohimarama. female who shall be appointed by England as King or Queen for ever, The Land, all the woods (thereon) all the waters—all the rivers or creeks—all the streams—all the fences—with, all other appurtenances above or below these our Lands, we now sell the whole to Mr. Clarke Protector of Aborigines, for the Queen of England, as a place for the Queen of England, her heirs after her, whether male or female who shall be appointed by England as King or Queen for ever.
The Northern boundary commences at or from "Kohimarama," goes on thence to Boundaries. "Waiparera," goes thence inland to the boundary line of "Whakamuhu," stretching on quite to "Te Ahu," goes thence to "Omaru," to "Te Whanake," to "Te Puakawau," to page 270"Mokoia" to "Kororipo," to "Tauoma," and to "Pakaukino" thence it goes on from "Pakaukino," to the side of the Pa or Settlement, ascending, and going along the boundary line and reaches quite to "Waiatarua" and stretching along from "Waiatarua," reaches up to "Kohimarama."
Receipt for £100, horses, boat, and goods. We now take the payments for our Lands which are now written or described in this Document to wit, Two Horses—One large Boat and all its sails—One hundred pounds in Money—Two hundred Blankets—Twenty Cloaks,—Ten Frock Coats—one hundred pairs Trousers—one hundred shirts—Ten pieces print—Forty Shawls—Three Casks Tobacco—Two Pails—Three Tents—Twenty Caps—Ten pairs Boots—Six bags Flour—Two bags Sugar—Two cross cut saws—Two pit-saws—Two Saddles—and Two Bridles.

See our names and our marks now written on this Document this day in "Waitemata" the twenty eighth of May in this year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty one, In the sight of these.

(Signed) Puhata.
The mark x of Paratene Tauware.
The mark x of Maka Ware.
The mark x of Hauauru.
Rawiri Takurua.
Wiremu Hoete Riukakara.
The mark x of Hokianga.
The mark x of Irai Taharoku.
The mark x of Te Awa.
Tamati Pori.
The mark x of Te Hinaki.
The mark x of Ngarahu.
The mark x of Hakopa Tahakehake.
The mark of Raniera Tahuhuarahi.
The mark x of Warenga.
The mark x of Hemi Tararipia.
The mark x of Te Ngarara.
The mark x of Te Tawa.
The mark x of Taituha Titaha.
The mark of Te Aranui x.
The mark of Te Matiu Tahehe x.
The mark x of Te Onematua.
George Clarke,
Chief Protector.


George Cooper, Treasurer.
Edward M. Williams.
George Williams.

True Translation.

C. O. Davis.

A True Copy of Original Deed and Translation.

H. Hanson Turton.

Wellington, 22nd September, 1874.