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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume One



1854. 26 May.Whangarei District.This Deed written on the 26th of May in the yeàr of our Lord One thousànd eight hundred and fifty four being the consenting of Te Pirihi and Eruera Toenga Hona Taurangi Paora Tukuku also the consent of the Queen of Englànd oh her part.
Now we the owners of this land whose names are hereunto signed do fully give up Waipu No. II. and make over this land and all its sacred places whatsoever contained therein to the Receipt for £10. Queen of England and to the Kings and Queens who may succeèd for ever for the sum of Ten Pounds given to us by Mr. Johnson Commissioner for the Queen.
Boundaries. These being the boundaries of Waipu Commencing at Whakatarariki thence on to Uriwhetau Kapewhitr thence on the ridge to Kohi-rau-nui thence on to the source of Kaupare thence on Taumatatuhi the source of Wai-o-nepu the source of Te Haronga the source of Taotaoroa thence on the ridge to Rotomoeho Puketotara continuing on the ridge to Pukeramarama Pohuenui Pukehinau Poherangi to Urititi coming out on the sea shore thence on the beach until ït joins the boundary of Whakatarariki where the boundary commenced as agreed to by. the other sellers of this Land as specified in writing. Eruera. Toenga is ta reçeive this money for himself and the other people.

Hence his now signing his name on this the 26 day of May in the year 1854.

(Sd.) Eruera Toenga x his mark.

Witnesses to mark and payment—

(Sd.) John P. Russell, Settler, Wairarapa.
Alfred A. M. McKellar, Settler, New Plymouth.

A True Copy of Original Deed and Translation.

H. Hanson Turton.

Wellington, February 8th, 1875.