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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume One

[Deeds—No. 80.]

Deeds—No. 80.

Kauae-o-Ruruwahine No. 2 Block, Hokianga District.

1875. 12 June.Hokianga District.This Deed, made the twelfth day of June 1875, between Her Majesty Queen Victoria on Kauae-O-Ruruwahine No. II. the one part, and Wi Rikihana, Iehu Ngawaka and Te Whiu Te Hautapu of Hokianga Aboriginal Natives of the Colony of New Zealand, (hereinafter called "the Vendors,") of the other part, witnesseth that, in consideration of the sum of One hundred and sixty five pounds ten shillings (£165 " 10 "), by Her Majesty paid to the Vendors on the Receipt for £165 . 10. execution hereof (and the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged), the Vendors do, and each of them doth, hereby surrender, convey, and assure unto Her said Majesty, all that block or parcel of land containing Two thousand six hundred and forty eight acres or thereabouts, known or called Kauae o Ruruwahine No. 2, as the same is more particularly described in the Schedule hereto, and delineated on the plan drawn on this Deed and coloured red; together with all rights and appurtenances thereto belonging or appertaining.

To hold the said land and premises with the appurtenances unto Her said Majesty, Her Heirs and Successors, for ever. In Witness whereof the Vendors have hereunto set their hands the day and year first above written.

Wi Rikihana.
Iehu Ngawaka.
Te Whiu Te Hautapu.

Signed by the said Wi Rikihana, Iehu Ngawaka and Te Whiu Te Hautapu after the contents had been explained to them by an Interpreter of the Court and they appeared clearly to understand, the meaning of the same. In the presence of—
Henry A. H. Monro, Judge Native Land Court.
W. Bridson, Clerk N.L. Court.

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Bounded—Towards the East by the Takanga Block five thousand three hundred and ninety-three (5393) links, one tnousand four hundred and twenty-two (1422) links, and Boundaries. [2,648 acres.] one thousand and forty-three (1043) links, (the Kauae-o-Ruruwahine No 1 Block seventeen thousand and two hundred (17200) links, and by the Ototope Block three hundred and eighteen (318) links and six thousand two hundred and one (6201) links; towards the South by the Moetangi Block one hundred and fifty (150) links; towards the South-west by the Taikarau Block three thousand one hundred and eighty (3180) links, the Kotuhianga Block one thousand nine hundred and ninety-one (1991) links, one thousand and fifty-three (1053) links, four hundred and forty-three (443) links, seven hundred and forty-one (741) links, one thousand six hundred and fifty-five (1655) links, and eight hundred and thirty-two (832) links, again by the Taikarau Block one thousand six hundred and fifty (1650) links, by the Waikare Block two thousand and three hundred (2300) links and two thousand seven hundred and twenty (2720) links, and by the Waitaha Block three thousand two hundred and ninety-seven (3297) links and one thousand and five hundred (1500) links; and towards the North-west by the Warawara Block three thousand nine hundred and fifty-seven (3957) links and two hundred and eighty (280) links, and theKauae-o-Ruruwahine No. 3 Block twenty-five thousand seven hundred (25700) links.
He pukapuka tuku rawa atu tenei na Wi Rikihana, Iehu Ngawaka, Te Whiu Te Maori précis. Hautapu i tera whenua katoa tona ingoa ko Kauae o Ruruwahine No. 2 kia Wikitoria Kuini o Ingarangi ki ona uri ki nga Kingi ki nga Kuini i muri i a ia ake tonu atu, ko te utu mo taua whenua kotahi rau e ono tekau ma rima pauna tekau hereni ko te nui E rua mano e ono rau e wha tekau ma waru eka koni ake iti iho ranei, Ko nga rohe enei ki te Kotiu ko "Kauae o Ruruwahine No. 3."Ki te Marangai ko "Te Takanga" ko "Kauae o Ruruwahine No.1" ko "Ototope."Ki te tonga "Ko Moetangi" ki te hauauru ma tonga ko "Taikarau" ko "Waitaha" ki te tuaraki ko "Warawara."
I, Charles E. Nelson, an Interpreter duly appointed under "The Native Land Act, Interpreter's certificate. 1873," certify that the above is a clear statement in the Maori language of the contents of the within-written deed, which contents I properly explained to Wi Rikihana, Iehu Ngawaka, and Te Whiu Te Hautapu before the same was executed by them.

Charles E. Nelson.

I, Theodore Minet Haultain, the Trust Commissioner under "The Native LandsTrust Commissioner's certificate. Frauds Prevention Act, 1870," for the District of Auckland, do hereby certify that I have, with respect to the within-written instrument and the alienation thereby witnessed, made the inquiries directed by the said Act, and do certify that I am satisfied with the result of such inquiries.

T. M. Haultain,
Trust Commr.

Dated this 30th day of August, 1875.

753 c.

Received for Registration at 10 a.m. 1 Sep., 1875.Registration.


M. Hamilton,

A True Copy of Original Deed,. Maori Précis, Certificates, and Endorsement.

H. H. Turton.

Wellington, March 4th, 1876.