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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume One

Deeds—No. 64. Sale of Lands by Chief Taonui to Baron de Thierry

page 88

Deeds—No. 64. Sale of Lands by Chief Taonui to Baron de Thierry.

1840. 15 JanuaryHokinga District.Be it known to all men that I the Chief Tao Nui do hereby grant sell surrender and make over to Charles Baron de Thierry Sovereign Chief for him his heirs executors administrators and assigns for Ever for. and in consideration of the sum of Four Hundred Pounds Sterling now in hand paid by Two Promissory Notes at three and six months date from the present day all the Lands Woods and Waters situated in the places boundaries and limits known by the names of Wai Papa ko te Paupou ko te Titaha ko Manga Pukahukahu ko te iringa o Tuou ko Manga Pa ko te Koro Tangi ko heka Pukatea ko Ngeruohati ko te Takapou ko Mataroa ko Mangahorehore ko Baron de Thierry's Purchase Manga Kino ko Pae Pae te Hengia ko te Rimo Whakataratara ko Mokou ko te Waituku-tawatawa ko Paparoa ko te Upoko-Peutoko ko Kura Nui ko Oro Ngo Iti ko Oro Ngo. Nui ko Perere together with all the Sovereign rights and privileges of Chieftancy thereunto belonging and I the said Tao Nui do hereby covenant and agree that all the said Lands Woods and Waters together with all the Sovereign rights and privileges of Chieftancy do from this day and shall remain for ever the sole property of the said Charles Baron de Thierry his heirs executors administrators and assigns and I the said Receipt for £400 paid by Two Promissory Notes. Tao Nui do further declare that the payment of the Promissory notes now received from the said Charles Baron de Thierry shall be a full payment and satisfaction for the territories and privileges thereby sold granted and conveyed to the said Charles Baron de Thierry Signed sealed and delivered at Mount Isabel this Fifteenth day of January in the Year One Thousand Eight hundred and Forty.

Signed in presence of—

Charles de Thierry.
M. Neilson.
Emily, Baroness de Thierry.

X The Mark of Tao Nui.

I have this day and on delivery of this deed handed to the Tao Nui in presence of the above witnesses two Promissory Notes for Two Hundred Pounds each at three and six months January 15th 1840.
This 17th day of January 1840 The Tao Nui (in presence of Kaitoki and Taua his brother of Teremoeroa and several other Chiefs) added Five districts which were unintentionally omitted in the above deed and which were intended to have been included in the body of the deed the whole number stand in the following order and form parts and parcels of the same estate. 1 Waipapa, 2 Ko te Poupou, 3 Ko te Taepatua, 4 Ko te Titaha, 5 Kura Nui, 6 Ko Wai Tuku Huru Huru, 7 Ko Oro ngo Iti, 8 Ko Oro ngo Nui, 9 Ko Tereu, 10 Ko Manga Pakahukahu, 11 Ko to hi nga o Turu, 12 Ko Manga Pa, 13 Ko te Koro Tangi, 14 Ko te Papa Pukatea, 15 Ko Ngeruohati, 16 Ko te Takapou o Korohama, 17 Ko Mataroa, 18 Ko Manga horehore, 19 Ko te Kowhatu Hapai, 20 Ko Manga Kino, 21 Ko Pae Pae te Hengia, 22 Ko te Rimo Whakataratara, 23 Ko Mokou, 24 Ko te Wai Tuku Tawatawa, 25 Ko Paparoa, 26 Ko te Upoko Peutoko, 27 Ko Uma Uma Whakapu.

Charles Baron de Thierry.

Receipt for £5, earnest money. This seventeenth day of April 1840 I have received five Pounds as an earnest of the above the remainder of the first instalment of the two hundred Pounds to stand over for payment until a Commission shall have decided on the validity of the present deed.

X The mark of the Tao Nui.

A true transcript of Office Copy of Original Deed.

H. Hanson Turton.

Wellington, 7th February, 1876