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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume One



1856. 22 December.Bay of Islands District.This Deed being a sale of Land drawn out on this the 22nd day of December 1856 in the year of Our Lord One thousand eight hundred, and fifty six is a Deed by which we the Chiefs being the rightful proprietors of the soil consent to sell or convey a portion of our land to the Queen of England to become a possession for herself and the white Te Whakapaku. people for ever and ever. The principal name by which this land is known is "Te Whakapaku."

The Boundaries of the Land are these.

The Boundaries which are these commence on the south eastern side at a stream Boundaries. called "Wairakau" near the heads of the "Whangaroa" harbour from the stream of "Wairakau" it ascends the high ground at a point known as "Te Umukiwi" from thence it follows the ridge near some land-slips until it reaches "Pukeahuahu" and from thence until it reaches the stream of water known as "Te Rere" on the sea side. (The settlement of "Taupo" is excepted or left out. of this purchase)—from the stream "Te Rere," it follows the seacoast, to "Matanehuuehu" "Umakukupa," "Tupou," "Ohairiao," ("Motukahakaha," this last named settlement is left out or excepted from the purchase, the boundary of which is on the top of the ridge) from thence to "Tauarua," "Kowhitiwahine," it takes an ascent in an inland direction to the mountain known as "Te Kapara," from thence to the "Atuanui" stream, which is crossed, and proceeds until it joins, or approaches, the land sold to James Berghan,—from thence, in a south easterly direction towards "Parahuhua," "Otuhi," the hill called "Waikukupa," until it descends to the stream of "Te Tahua" and from thence to the harbour of "Whangaroa" where it unites or joins the boundary from which it first commenced:
The Settlements of "Taupo" and "Motukahakaha" are excepted from this purchase; Two places excluded: Taupo and Motukahakaha. "Taupo" 400 acres, "Motukahakaha" 180 acres.
And because we have given our free and entire consent to sell this piece of land to the Queen of England, She has given us as payment for the same, the sum of £200 Two Receipt for £200. hundred pounds sterling, which we have received thro' the hands of Mr. Henry page 46Kemp one of the Commissioners of the Government of New Zealand for the purchase of Land; And in testimony of our consent, and of the receipt of the money, We have hereunto signed our names and marks to this Deed, on this the 22nd day of December, in the Year of our Lord 1856.

Here follow the Signatures.

True Translation.

H. T. Kemp.

A True Copy of Original Deed and Translation.

H. Hanson Turton.

Wellington, 29th August, 1874.