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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume One

The Boundaries of the Land

The Boundaries of the Land.

Boundaries. These are the boundaries: It commences at the boundary of the purchase formerly made by the Europeans at the stream called Te "Whiringatau" and the "Wairere-o- Taraunuhia"—on the north, side the principal stream of "Puketotara" is the boundary, following the same stream until it reaches the source of the stream known as "Wai-o- Rakau" in a westerly direction, from thence, until it meets the boundary of the land formerly sold to Mr. Clarke, near to the "Kiripaka" and up to the stream of "Mangakaretu," when, having reached this point of the boundary, it takes a southerly direction, following in that direction the boundary of Mr. Clarke's, purchase, until it reaches several large Stones, known as "Nga Karere-a-Kupe," from thence until it reaches the Swamp, where a Stream known as "Te Awahe" takes its rise, here it turns and takes an Easterly direction, from thence in a direct line to a mount called "Te Niho," then skirting the forest along the open ground, until it reaches abreast of the waterfall a little above the old burial ground belonging to "Toko" ma, near the Clump of Kauri Trees a little above the crossing place of the Cart Road at "Waipapa," here, at the crossing place, it takes a northerly direction, and follows the boundary line cut by the people belonging to the Ngapuhi for the purpose of excluding the "Wahi Tapu" or Sacred burial ground known as "Te Wiroa," and marked all along by Stones placed Burial ground and lands formerly sold to Europeans excluded. there for that purpose; Thus, the Wahi tapu along with the ground marked off is excluded from this purchase,—it proceeds along this boundary until it again joins "Te Wai o Taraunuhia," and the boundary understood as the boundary of Mr. Shepherd's purchase. All lands which were formerly sold to Europeans are hereby excluded from this sale;
And, because we have thus given our free and true consent to make over this piece of land to the Queen of England, Her Majesty, in consideration thereof, has paid to us Receipt for £400. the sum of Four hundred pounds sterling (£400) which has been given into our hands by Mr. Henry Kemp one of the Commissioners belonging to the Government in New Zealand; and in token of our having so consented, and in token also of our having so consented, and in token also of our having duly received the money, We have here-unto signed our names and marks to this Deed on this the 26th day of February 1856.

(Signed) Ko Mohi Tawhai x.
Ko te Kapuamangu x.
Ko Wi Te Mara x.
Ko Pero.
Ko te Wiremu Kauea x.
Ko Eruera Paru x.
Ko Tamihana Paru x.
Ko Wi Hau x.. Hamiora Hau
Pereene, son of Macquarie or Makoare.
Ko Makoare x.. Hamiora Hau
Pereene, son of Macquarie or Makoare.
Ko te Rata Hongi x.
Ko Kingi Wiremu Tareha x.
Ko te Pakira x.
Ko te Koki x.
Ko Hairua x.
Ko Neka x.
Ko Wi Kaitara x.

H. T. Kemp,
District Commissioner, Bay of Islands.


(Signed) William Davis, Merchant, Waimate.
Edwd. M. Williams, Farmer, Waimate.
Charles Hargraves, Merchant, Waimate.

Done at "Waimate," Bay of Islands, New Zealand, this 26th day of February, 1856.

A True Translation.

H. T. Kemp.

A True Copy of Original Deed and Translation.

H. Hanson Turton.

Wellington, 29th August, 1874.