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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume One



1855 25 August.Bay of Islands District.This Deed, is a Deed or Conveyance of land, made by us the Chiefs, and members of Tribes, being the rightful owners of the soil: We hereby agree and consent to sell a portion of our Land to Victoria, to the Queen, for and on behalf of our European friend (Thomas Hansen): The payment for this Land is an Entire Horse, which it was our Purerua.Hansen's Homestead. desire to have, and which we have already received into our possession for the improvement of our Stock. "Purerua" is the name of this piece of land;
Boundaries. The Boundaries of this piece of land commence on the beach or seaside at a point known as "Te Karuomahu," it follows the coast or water side, until it reaches Timokomoko, —from thence to Wakariu, it then follows the river until it reaches the Stream at the site of the Old Pa, known as "Ngakiriparauri," it then follows the Swamp, until it reaches the native footpath on the hill side which leads towards the river "Mangonui" until it reaches the ridge at a point known as "Rangiuru," as will be seen by a hole dug in the ground; Here it takes a turn, from thence in a straight line until it reaches the Pohutukawa trees at a point known as "Wetariki," and meets or joins the first boundary at "Purerua" and "Te Karuomahu,"
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The Horse (Entire) which we have received from Thomas Hansen is the payment for this land, and we hereby agree that the land is now transferred for ever and ever. We have received payment on this the twenty fifth day of August in the year of our Receipt for one Horse. Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty five 1855 in token of which we have hereunto signed our names and marks.

(Signed) Kingi Hori Kira.
Mark x of Te Tatari.
Do. x Kingi Wiremu Tareha.
Do. x Te Pakira Tareha.
Do. x Hohaia Parati
Do. x Mokaraka Toko (Waikato's son).
H Kingi x Taotahi.
Harewini x Ruka.
Mere x Hukerenga.
Tamati x Wakena.
Hokai x.
Riwi x Hongi.
Kahi x.Wai.
Ware ngere.
Hamiora x wawe.
Ware Wakarua.
Manihera Te Aru.
Waraki (signed by Waikato).
Hone Pana.
Hemi Kutu.
Wiremu Haumia.

H. T. Kemp,
District Commissioner, Bay of Islands.


(Signed) Te Honiana Kauea (Waimate).
Kahiwai Kira x (Te Ngaere).
Na Taka Ranga (Waimate).

True Translation.

H. T. Kemp, Dist. Commr.

A True Copy of Original Deed and Translation.

H. Hanson Turton.

Wellington, 29th August, 1874.