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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume One



1855. 25 August.Bay of Islands District. This Deed or sale of land written on this the twenty fifth day of August 1855, is a Deed by which we agree to sell a portion of our land to Victoria the Queen of England for ever and ever;—The principal name of this piece of land is "Te Wiroa" and is Te Wiroa. situated near the Mangonui River in the Bay of Islands.
The Boundaries of the land are these; It commences at a point called "Te Kohe-kohe" on the banks of the "Poukoura" river, it follows the "Poukoura" river towards Boundaries. the small Island called "Te Mawhitiwhiti" from thence to "Opiti," from thence across to "Waiwhapuku," then on the sea side until ti reaches the Pa called "Opuawaka," it then follows the native footpath on the ridge until it reaches the right or outer side of the "Parangiora" Pa,—thence here it descends the hill to the "Ahimango" and to the water side, from thence until it joins Mr. Potter's purchase (on the Mangonui side) and joins the piece just purchased on behalf of Thomas Hansen, from thence it follows the ridge until it descends at the "Ngaio," it then follows the side of the river "Mangonui" until it reaches the point called "Te Kauri," following it round to "Pakotare," "Mawhai," "Pukihi," "Te Awaiti," "Weteriki," where it joins the piece of ground sold to Thomas Hansen.

And it is hereby agreed that the sum of Two hundred pounds shall be the payment for the land which we have now sold to the Government for ever and ever, In token thereof, we have hereunto signed our names and marks.

Hohaia Parati Waikato.
Mokaraka Waikato.
Waraki, na Waikato i tuhi, or signed by Waikato.
Ko Ho Maru.
Ko Kaiteke Te Kemara.
Na te Kingi Wiremu i sign.
Ko te Pakira Tareha x.
Hongi Te Rata.
Tamati Wakena.
Hohaia Waikato.
Kingi Wiremu Taraha x.
Ware Te Wakarua.
Kingi Hori Kira.
Ko te tohu o Tari Te Tatari.
Na Whare Ngere.
H. Kingi Taotahi.
Ruku Awa.
Wiremu Hau.
Na Tango.
Hamiora Waenga.
Hamiora Wawe.
Ko Ratima x Te Wiri.
Ko Waraki x (Na Kingi Wi-remu Tareha).

(Signed)H. T. Kemp,
Dist. Commr., Bay of Islands.

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(Sd.) Tauwehe, of Mangonui.
Honetana, of Waimate.

True Translation.

H. T. Kemp.

1855 3 September. We have this day received the sum of Two hundred pounds sterling (£200), being the amount agreed on as payment for our land known as "Te Wiroa" and "Parangiora," and delivered by Mr. Kemp into the hands of us, Te Rata Hongi and Whare Ngere,Receipt for £200. the persons appointed by the Public Meeting or Assembly to receive the money, in token thereof we have signed our names and marks on this the third day of September 1855.

(Signed) Nate Rata Hongi.
Na Whare Ngere.


(Signed) William Clarke, of Waimate.
Hone Peti Haki, of Waimate.

A True Copy of Original Deed and Translation.

H. Hanson Turton.

Wellington, 21st August, 1874.