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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume One



1858 3 FebruaryBay of Islands District.This Deed made or written on this the third day of February in the year of Our Lord One Thousand eight hundred and fifty eight (1858) is a Deed by which we the Chiefs being the rightful owners of the soil consent of our own free will to transfer a portion of this Otengi. our Land to Victoria the Queen of England to become her possession for ever for the use and benefit of the White people for ever and ever. The principal name by which this piece of land is known is "Otengi."

The Boundaries of this Land.

Bounderies. The Boundary of this Land commences at the line known as Mr. Matthew's boundary, on the ridge a little above the station known as "Te Aurere" on the sea side, being the boundary on the North;—from thence to "Waipapakauri"—from thence to Te "Repa Wahine" from thence to Te Karawhiu from thence until it ascends at "Oparera" until it reaches the stream known as "Te Taiawa," it follows that stream until it joins the "Oruru" boundary, it then ascends and crosses the ridge and falls into the "Oparera" Creek—it follows that Creek until it meets the "Taipa" boundary—it follows the Taipa boundary until it reaches the sea on the North east—it then follows the Coast line in a northerly direction, until it reaches the point at which the boundary originally commenced, a little above the "Aurere."
Reserve for Tipene Excluded. One Reserve containing Seventy nine (79) acres within this Block has been set apart for Tipene a little above the Settlement of Taipa:—The boundaries of this block [79 acres.] of land are however more accurately shown on the Plan made by the Surveyor at the time the land was marked off and sold to the Government.
And inasmuch as we have thus freely given our consent to convey or transfer this land to the Queen of England She has in consideration thereof paid us the sum of Two Receipt for £230. hundred and Thirty Pounds (£230) sterling which money has been paid into our hands by Mr. Henry Kemp one of the Government Officers for the purchase of land in New Zealand. And in token of our assent and of the receipt of the money we have hereunto affixed our names and marks on this the third day of February 1858.

Ko Wiremu Kingi x.
Te Waka Rangaunu Chief of Ahipara.
Ko Wiremu Kingi x Ngauga.
Ko Te Puhipi x his mark.
Pene Kohe.
Reihana Kiriwi.
Matiu Tauhara.
Wiremu Hakakai.
Tipene Haha.
Henare Kepa.
Ko Ahuahu x his mark.
Te Hira.
Ko Watene x Patonga and three others.

(Sgd.) H. T. Kemp,
District Commissioner.

Witness to the payment—

W. B. White, R.M.
H. Grover, H.M. Customs.
John Smith, Settler.
Joseph Reilly, Corpl. A.P. Force.

True Translation.

John Rogan, D.C.

April 1st, 1858.

A True Copy of Original Deed and Translation.

H. Hanson Turton.

Wellington, 2nd September, 1874.