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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume One

The Boundaries of the Land

The Boundaries of the Land.

Boundaries. The commencement of the boundaries of this block of land on the interior or western side, is at a spot known as "Oheao" near the ditch which has been cut to drain off the water from the Lake immediately adjoining;—from thence it proceeds to "Te Hau," from thence to "Te Kauere," thence to "Iringanui," thence to "Opae," thence to "Maungakowhara," until it reaches the point on the eastern coast called "Takahonu," this being the boundary on the Western side;—the boundary line on the South east side commences at "Oheao" and proceeds to "Rangiawhia" until it reaches the main river of "Kaikino" near "Rangaunu" from thence it proceeds until it joins "Takahonu," the point on the east coast, at which the western or inland boundary meets the Sea; the Boundaries of this Block are nevertheless more particularly laid down on the Plan made by the Surveyor at the time the Land was marked off and sold to the Government.
Receipt for £400. And inasmuch as we have thus freely given our consent to convey or transfer this land to the Queen of England she has in consideration thereof paid to us the sum of Four hundred pounds £400 Sterling which money has been paid into our hands by Mr. Henry Kemp one of the Government Officers for the purchase of land in New Zealand. page 51And in token of our assent and of the receipt of the money we have hereunto affixed our names and marks on this the third day of February 1858.

Na Papata Te Waha x.
Anaru te We.
William Thompson.
Ko Hone Te Hiko x.
Haimona Tatu.
Riwai Ngare.
Anaha Tarapunga.
Hetaraka Taumataiti.
Ko Waata Haki.
Karaka te Kawai.
Hohepa Whata.
Matenga Terehu.
Tehoro Takingaroa.
Meri Puhipi.
Puhipi te x Ripi.
Waaka Rangaunu.
Hare Tanga.
Ani Owharua.

(Sd.)H. T. Kemp,
District Commissioner.

Ko Nga Kai titiro o te tukunga o Nga Utu—
Witness to payment—

W. B. White, R.M.
H. Grover, H.M. Customs.
John Smith, Settler.
Joseph Reilly, Corpl. A.P. Forces.
Wiremu Tamihana.

True Translation.

John Rogan.

April 1st, 1858.

A True Copy of Original Deed and Translation.

H. Hanson Turton.

Wellington, 2nd September, 1874.