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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume One

Schedule referred to

Schedule referred to.

Boundaries. [136,000 acres.]Commencing at Te Raepohatu (a rocky bluff) on the Rangitaiki River thence to Maruwehi (a mark in the ground where Maruwehi was killed) Pukemoremore (a hill) Motuparapara (a small copse) Te Aruhetawiri (a kainga of Peraniko's father Tahawai) Pukekiore (a conical hill) Te Anaruru (a cave where the track from Te Ariki crosses the Ngatamawahine river) Te Ahiwhakamura (a low flat ridge) Paparingawera, Te Anaputarua, (a cave) Te Punatakahi a Ngatoroirangi (a spring and small swampy pool) Te Roto Paetataramoa (a sleeping cave also a spring) thence to the Rangitaiki River at Te Arawhata Nohomoke thence following the Rangitaiki River down to the starting point atTe Raepohatu, These boundaries include all the lands to which the terms of this Lease refer and it is agreed by all the parties thereto that should the final adjudication on these lands result in an alteration of these boundaries and reduction of the area then that such reduction be met by a corresponding and pro rata reduction Native Reserves in the yearly rental thereof. Her Majesty her successors and assigns do hereby agree to set apart for the Ngatimanawa Tribe for their own residence and cultivation for as long as required by them all the lands situated on the left proper bank of the Rangitaiki River included within the following boundaries, Commencing at Kai-te-uri (an ochre pit on the River bank) thence following down the Rangitaiki River to the Southern boundary of the Government purchased block known as Te Karamuramu thence along the said boundary to the second angle thereof thence Southerly crossing the Te Teko-Taupo road to the foot of the hills, thence following the general direction of the base of the hills crossing Waiirohia stream to Kaiteuri the commencement. The three bushes of Motumoka and Te Rekereke are also set apart for the residence or cultivation of Ngatimanawa in terms of the above.

Na Te Rau Puritia Mauparaoa x his mark.
Haare Harehare x his mark.
Rawiri Tahawai x his mark.
Nganiho Ngaoka x her mark.
Mere Te Urupa x her mark.
Hopaia Rakapa x her mark.
Maraea Te Kahu x her mark.
Heni Te Paretipua x her mark
Horomona Rawiri x his mark.
Pani Ahuriri.
Roka Hika x her mark.
Hapimana Rawiri.
Hareta Peraniko x her mark.
Rakapa Peraniko x her mark.
Peti Maraea x her mark.
Raharuhi Puritia.
Manaena Te Ariki.
Ngahere Enoka x his mark.
Matetahuna Herepaho x his mark.
Heta Tamati x his mark.
Ahuriri Te Hura x his mark.
Warihia Pukerimu x her mark.
Herapeka Te Waiwera x her mark.
Ngawaka Takeke.
Te Hira Potakakurua x his mark.
Miriama Paretawhio x her mark.
Te Paipa x his mark.
Te Maire Newa x her mark.
Whare Rarauhe Taorua x her mark.
Peraniko Ngarimu.
Roka Repora.
Mohi Te Huri x his mark.
Te Waiata Nohoke x his mark.
Ramarihi Te Hou x his mark.
Te Teira Te Kura x his mark.
Himaima Horomona x her mark.
Rawinia Rangihoea x her mark.
Rawiri Te Ahu x his mark.
Kohutapu Ruiha x her mark.
Tira Koroheke Matetahuna x her mark.
Moemoe Te Taruna x her mark.
Pahou Hara x his mark.
Te Hurinui Wakaunua x his mark.
Apiata Kaahu x his mark.
Hiraka Ruiha x her mark.
Ngahere Te Pataka x his mark.
Karaho Hopaia x her mark.
Tuahine Petera x his mark
Kiekie Parerohi x his mark.
Hori Te Notu.
Taheke Irakaihu x his mark.
Hau Rawiri x his mark.
Horopapera Te Rau x his mark.
Wiripo Te Haua x his mark.
Pererika Harawena.
Witimoa Arihia x his mark.
Rukarei Te Marakai.
Petera to Rangihiroa.
Arapene Nakara.
Nikora Rehua x his mark.
Ripeka te Ata x his mark.
Raiha Te Pohai x her mark.
Naru Heta.
Pouaru Tarera x his mark.
Tautiti Mokai x his mark.
Meo Tomika x his mark.
Ko Manuera Tetuhi.
Arama Karaka-Mokonuiarangi.
Nga Koroai Taiwati.
Whaiti Paora.
Ere Hopaia x his mark.
Wi Harete x his mark.
Tamihana Heta x his mark.
Harata Nikorima x her mark.
Hemi Poiakino x his mark.
Paranihia Tamatea x his mark.
Hapurona Kohi x his mark.
Hamiora Patakurua.
page 675 Hirau Maihi x.
Harema Puritia x his mark.
Te Hira Wani Tini x his mark.
Rihara maka x his mark.
Waihiri Te Pouaka x his mark.
Wi Patene Pehi.
Peraniko Parikiri.
Ruiha Pera x her mark
Kemara Te Tuhi.

Henry Mitchell,
Land Purchase Agent.

Signed by the aforesaid aboriginal Natives in the presence of—
Gilbert Mair, Sub-Inspector Licensed Interpreter.

Witness to signatures and marks of aforesaid aboriginal Natives—

John McGregor, Surveyor, Taupo.

This twenty eighth day of January, eighteen hundred and seventy five.