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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume One

(Enclosure 19 in No. 466.)

(Enclosure 19 in No. 466.)

Memorandum of agreement made this eighth day of June One thousand Eight hundred Enclosure 19. and Sixty Nine Between Raimona Whetu Native Chief of Ngatipare tribe of the District of Tauranga of the one part and Messrs. Whitaker and Russell of the City of Auckland Solicitors of the other part Whereby the said Raimona Te Whetu agrees to sell to the said Messrs. Whitaker and Russell, All that piece or parcel of laud situated in the District of Tauranga in the Province of Auckland in the Colony of New Zealand and containing Two hundred and Fifty Six acres of land more or less called Te Aukanapanapa Te Aukanapanapa. [256 acres.] on the Island of Matakana, Tauranga, bounded by Te Tuingara on the Worth side and on the South side by Te Aukanapanapa line and on the West side by [gap — reason: illegible] beach and at the back by a portion of the chief Te Moananui's land, at Matakana surveyed by Messrs. Gundry and Crapp and the said Messrs. Whitaker and Russell agree to purchase the said land as described and to pay to the said Raimoua te Whetu at the rate of Four shillings per acre in manner following, the sum of Five pounds sterling on signing this agreement and the balance on the execution of a conveyance for the said land and the said Raimona te Whetu further agrees to prosecute the claims for the said land through the Native Lands Court without loss of time and to hand over the Crown Grant for the said land to Messrs. Whitaker and Russell on the receipt of the same from the Government the said Messrs. Whitaker and Russell paying the expenses of the Crown Grant.

Signed this 8th day of June 1869 at Te Papa, Tauranga, In the presence of

Raimona Whetu x my mark.

Kai titiro—

Te Pire Moananui.

I hereby certify that I have read over the above agreement to Raimona Te Whetu and that fully understands its contents.

Chas, de Thierry, L.I.

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Received from Charles de Thierry the sum of Five pounds sterling in part paymentReceipt for £5 for my land at Matakana called Te Aukanapanapa.

Raimona Whetu x my mark.


Te Papa, Tauranga,29 October, 1869.Receipt for £10. Received from Mr. John Chadwick the sum of Ten pounds on a/c of Messrs.Aukanapanapa. [349 acres.] Whitaker and Russell for the Aukanapanapa 349 acres awarded to me by the Native Lands Court and I hereby agree to deliver, the Certificate for the said land to Messrs. Whitaker and Russell on the return of Mr. Clarke Civil Commissioner from Auckland in order that it may be forwarded to Auckland so that a conveyance may be made without loss of time and sent to Tauranga for my signature upon which I am to receive the balance of the payment in full.

Raimona Te Whetu x my mark.

Enoka te Whanake.
te Wharenui.

28 Oct., 1869.

Cash paid to Raimona, £1. Cash paid to Raimona by Mr. John Chadwick One pound Sterling to purchase food at Te Papa.


C. T. F. de Thierry.