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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume One



1855. 1 January.Mokau District.This Document conveying land written on the 1st day of January in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and fifty five (1855) Is a paper of the full and unreserved assent of us the Chiefs and people of the Ngatimaniapoto whose names are Taumatamaire. hereunto attached on behalf of ourselves our relations and descendants who shall be born after us to transfer for ever a certain portion of our land to Victoria the Queen of England, and to the King or Queens who may succeed her for ever. And in consideration of our full consent to sell this piece of our land Victoria the Queen of England agrees on Receipt for £500. her part to pay us the sum of Five hundred pounds (£500) once told, which monies have this day been paid into our hands by John Rogan. The Boundary of the land Boundaries. [24,000 acres.] commences at Mangakahikatea and runs inland to te Manganui, following the course of the little stream a tributary of the Manganui, thence it proceeds along the ridge till it reaches Parikohatu te Herangi. Thence to the source of the Rauroa Creek and down that stream to Awakino down the stream of the Awakino to its junction with the Manganui thence it runs up the Manganui as far as the Mangakahikatea up which it proceeds until it reaches the spot where the trees have been cut and where the Reserve at Piripiri. boundaries meet. One portion has been reserved for ourselves as a landing place for the canoes of the people of the interior at te Piripiri. It commences at the bend of the Awakino stream and thence to Mangakawakawa; it then follows the stream of Mangakawakawa and ascending the hill proceeds to Awakino a short distance inland of the road to Ruakaka. This is the only reserve for ourselves in these lands which we have now entirely given up to Victoria the Queen of England in the broad light of this day and for ever with its creeks its rivers its streams its timber and stones, all above the surface and all beneath the surface and all and everything whatsoever connected with the said land which we now give up for ever. We further agree to the Queen's highway passing through our reserve when the line of road is defined. This is all the payment for this land—namely—the Five hundred pounds (£500) which we have page 629received this day. In testimony of our consent to all the conditions of this document we hereunto affix our names and marks. And in testimony of the consent of the queen of England to the conditions of this document the name of Donald McLean Land Commissioner is affixed by Mr. Rogan.

(Signed) Donald McLean,
Land Commissioner.

Takerei (by his son Wetere).
The mark x of Poihipi.
The mark x of Mereana.
The mark x of Waitere.
The mark x of Rangitareha.
The mark x of Makareta.
The mark x of Te Manihera.
The mark x of Ha.
The mark x of Pene.
The mark x of Karina.
The mark x of Makareta iti.
The mark x of Kerei.
The mark x of Nganehu Wahine.
The mark x of Hokipera.
The mark x of Ruta.
The mark x of Herahana.
The mark x of Tarati.
The mark x of te Watakina.
The mark x of Mere.
The mark x of Rakera.
The mark x of te Wirihana (boy).
The mark x of te Haehana (boy).
The mark x of Roka.
The mark x of Pehira.
The mark x of te Haehana.
The mark x of Mihi Watara.
Hemi hone x.
Ko te Uira.
Ko te Kepa.
The mark x of Maka.
The mark x of te Ropiha.
The mark x of Wiari.
The mark x of Huihana.
The mark x of Hiriapiti.
The mark x of te Herewini.
The mark x of Paora.
The mark x of Rakopa.
Merepeka (by Wetere).
Makutu do.
Te Haruru.
Ko te Kiri do.

Witnesses to the payment and signatures—

(Sd.) C. H. Schnackenberg, Wesleyan Missionary, Mokau.
(Sd.) Harauwhira, Native Teacher, Mokau.

A true translation.

Donald McLean,
Chief Commissioner.

26th March, 1856.

A True Copy of Original Deed and Translation.

H. Hanson Turton.

Wellington, February 10th, 1875.