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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume One


page 627


This Paper or Deed partings with Land written on this the first day of May in the year 1854. 1 May.Mokau District. of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and fifty four is a Deed of the true and entire consent by us the Chiefs and People of Ngatimaniapoto whose names are attached to this deed on behalf of our relatives and our descendants who may be born hereafter to Mokau Block (Lands within). entirely and for ever give up a portion of our Land to Victoria the Queen of England or to the Kings and Queens who may succeed her.
And in consideration of our having truly consented to give up this portion of our Land Victoria the Queen of England on her part agrees to give us in money One hundred Pounds once told which monies have been delivered into our hands by John Receipt for £100. Rogan: one hundred pounds once told being withheld for the places which have not been given up within the boundaries of this block of land.
The boundary of this land begins at Purapura going along the sea side and on to Boundaries. [2,500 acres.] the mouth of the Mokau river then proceeds up the river Mokau on to the Mangoira river which it follows until it arrives at Omoao where it joins the land purchased by Mr. McLean it then turns towards the sea on to the Purapura where the boundaries meet.
The places within the above boundaries which have not been agreed to by some of Places reserved for the present. our people are these:—
I.The Kauri—Beginning at the post and going on to the Karaka then in a circuitous direction to Tukumaru and on to Pukewhau descending to the side of Matangero and on to the Iwi going a short distance on the top and then descends to the Umukaha where it joins the water of Mokau.
II.The Waipuna.
III. Tokowhaiti—Beginning on the level and ascending Matakeake it goes on in a straight line to Waingongo descending the side of Taupiri of Maiewa then going on to the Rae-o-te-Pongi then along the side of the cliff where it joins the boundary at Purapura. There is no Reserve whatever in this land now entirely given up by us to Victoria the Queen of England under the shining sun of the present day for ever and ever with all its lakes rivers and waters as well as all its trees all its stones all and everything either above or under the land and everything connected with it now surrendered by us for ever.
The payments for this land are these One hundred pounds has been received by us £100 retained for the portion not yet give up. this day. The hundred pounds remaining is for the three places, which have not yet been agreed to.

And for our consents to all the contents and conditions contained in this paper or deed we hereunto subscribe our names and marks.

And on behalf of the consent of the Queen of England to all the conditions contained in this Deed Mr. McLean Commissioner to the Government of New Zealand signs his name for Mr. Rogan.

(Signed) Donald McLean,
Land Commissioner.
Te Wetini Ngakahawai,
And 67 others.

Witnesses to the payment and signatures—

(Signed) C. H. Schnackenberg, Wesleyan Missionary, Mokau.
Takerei, Kai whakawa, Mokau.

True Translation.

Donald McLean,
Chief Commissioner.

April 11, 1856.

A True Copy of Original Deed and Translation.

H. Hanson Turton.

Wellington, February 8th, 1875.