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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume One



Know all men by these Presents that on this Twenty third 23 day of July in the year 1857. 23 July.Waikato District. of Our Lord One thousand eight hundred and fifty seven 1857. We the undersigned Aboriginal Native Chiefs and Aboriginal Natives of New Zealand In Consideration of the sum of Two Hundred and ten Pounds (£210) Two Hundred Pounds of which Kakaramea. money has been paid to us by William N. Searancke Esquire on behalf of Her Majesty Queen Victoria (the Receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged) Do and Each of us doth hereby Sell Release and Convey unto Her said Majesty Queen Victoria Her Heirs Successors and Assigns all that Piece or Parcel of Land additional to the Land known as Ramarama.
The boundary commences at Pukewhau thence on to te Matoa thence on along Boundaries. the Survey Line to Rotokoko and to Pari-o-te-ari thence on along the public road to Mangatawhiri thence on following the said road (moreover we consent to give twenty two yards beyond the edge of the said Road) to Waikorowhiti thence down hill to Kakaramea thence on to Rawhitiroa where it strikes Ormsby's Survey Line thence on along his Survey Line to Tani-te-Whiora and to Mangatawhiri. And all the Rights and Appurtenances thereunto belonging and all the Right Title Interest Claim and Demand whatsoever of Us and each of Us the Undersigned therein or thereunto To Hold the said Land and Appurtenances unto Her said Majesty Her Heirs and Assigns absolutely for ever. In Witness whereof We have hereunto subscribed our names.

Poaita Pikiho,and 7 other signatures.


James H. H. Siggs, Farmer, Moungatawhiri.
Robert Siggs, Farmer, Moungatawhiri.

Received on this Twenty third day of July in the year of Our Lord 1857 The SumReceipt for £200. of Two Hundred Pounds (£200).

Poaita Pikiho,
and 7 other signatures.

page 576

Signed in the Presence of—

James H. H. Siggs, Farmer, Moungatawhiri.
Robert Siggs, Farmer, Moungatawhiri.

1857. 23 September.Receipt for £10. Received by me on this twenty third (23) day of September One thousand eight hundred and fifty seven (1857) the sum of ten pounds which was promised in the Deed of Sale executed on the twenty third (23) of July 1857. This is the final instalment of the sum of Two hundred and ten pounds (£210) promised to us.



Elwin B. Dickson, Clerk, Native Office.
Henry Monro, Interpreter.

A True Copy of Original Deed and Translation.

H. Hanson Turton.

Wellington, February 8th, 1875.