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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume One



This Deed conveying land dated at Auckland this twenty third (23) day of November 1857. 23 November. in the year of Our Lord One thousand eight hundred and fifty seven (1857) is a paper Piako District. of the full and true consent of us the Chiefs and people of the Ngatipaoa whose names are hereto subscribed for ourselves our relations and descendants to be hereafter born, Te Nce. to fully and finally transfers piece of our land to Victoria the Queen of England and to all the Kings and Queens her successors for ever.
And for our consenting entirely to surrender this piece of our land, Victoria the Receipt for £110. Queen of England on her part agrees to pay for this our land, the Sum of One Hundred and Ten Pounds £110, which sum has been paid to us this day by George W. Drummond Hay Esqre.
These are the boundaries, commencing at Te Araeriri that is where the boundary Boundaries. going south from Te Rapaki meets the river Piako, thence following the course of the [1,200 acres.] river to the mouth of the creek known as Te Nge and on to Rima Kahu thence 275°— 4500 links to the creek Oamo, thence 216°—500 links to Te Tufanga o Horoaka, thence 284°—4600 links to Pu Harakiki on the boundary going sout from Te Rapaki.

Now we have fully considered wept over and finally bid adieu to this land, inherited by us from our ancestors, with its streams, swamps, lakes, waters, trees, shrubs, stones, plains, forests, good places and bad, with all things either at the surface or in the earth and everything appertaining to the said land, have, we finally given up under the shining sun of this day as a fixed possession to Victoria the Queen of England and to all the Kings and Queens her successors for ever.

And in witness of our consent to all the conditions named in this deed, we have hereto subscribed our names and marks.

And in witness of the consent of Victoria the Queen of England on her part to all the conditions of this Deed, it has been signed, by Donald McLean Esqre The Chief Land Purchase Commissioner of the Governor of New Zealand.

(Signed) Donald Mclean, Comr.

Te. Whareumu.
Te Wi Te Kopara.
Hira Ngangira.

Witnesses to the payment and signatures—

(Signed) John White, Interpreter, Land Purchase Dept.
(") Elwin B. Dickson, Clerk, Native Office.
(") John Hobbs.

True Translation.

Geo. W. Drummond Hay,
Dist. Commissioner.

A True Copy of Original Deed and Translation.

H. Hanson Turton.

Wellington, January 8th, 1875.
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