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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume One



1857. 16 November.This Deed of sale of land executed this sixteenth day (16) of November in the year of Piako District. Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty seven (1857) is a thorough and final consent on our part the chiefs and people of Ngatipaoa whose names are affixed for Piako. ourselves and all our connections and on behalf of our descendants after us to sell and finally surrender a certain portion of our land to Victoria Queen of England and all Boundaries. Kings and Queens Her successors for ever. These are the boundaries commencing at Hou Kotuku 90 115° 28' 2820—118°45'—2382 to Te Pokeka thence 106° 30'—1872—113° 55'—1463 to Rerepangongo 146°—11970 Te Pukatea Manutahi thence 132°—4878 to Te Aratohua thence crossing Pouriuri creek to Ohinewhero Ohinekana te Maioro—Hui Kareti, Te Rapaty 142° 15'—18141 thence. 164° 45'—17779 Te Reatuna—Tawatukimata Te Araeriri—thence 162° to the River Piako which then becomes the boundary as far as Te Riu o Hauraki. Te Riu o Hauraki becomes the boundary thence 333° 5' 7696 Tunawhakahara, thence 326° 35'—15447, Kahuitara,—Ahimoriro—Otaki—Rangaetara— Tauwhiti thence 332°—3657 Te Taheke—Te Tahora, Te Mangaenga—Te Pukeiti thence 273° 5452 Pukehinau—Te Ranga thence 264° 45'—16118 Te Maire—Waiti crossing the Creek Te Paiaka—Matawai Tokerao—Waipapa—Marigahuna—thence 321° 30'—7059 to the Pa o Aranga thence 311° 30'—4178 to Te Weiti Creek. This creek is the boundary till it joins the Mangawara Creek. The Mangawara Creek is the boundary till it meets the line going from Puke Tapu 332° 23° 6637—Pokongawha—Te Aroaro thence 297° 30'—7630—Pukohai,—Ngararapapa Te Toke thence following the ridge or watershed—Omatiti—Kawau—Toheroa Nga, Pahau—Puke Tionga—to Te Pahua it then follows the leading spur down to the Owharuru Creek, crossing this creek it rises the leading spur to Okaraua it then goes down this ridge Te Riri-o-te-Konga—Okotare thence 36° 45'—14400 to Mangawhero Creek, crossing this and straight on to the swamp and then on te Hou Kotuku. All those portions of land that may lay between the surveyor's line and the swamp are included in this sale as are also all portions of swamp Burial-grounds excepted. cut off by the surveyor's line, with the exception of the burial place at Paeroa and Waiparera where the line crosses Waikaka Creek, these two last named places are reserved for the Maoris, this is the only exception right away to Pouriuri Creek, after crossing which the surveyor's line becomes the boundary.
Right of road ceded From Whatitokarua. We also hereby consent to a right of way through our lands from Whatitokarua, that is the landing place thence on to the land we have surrendered by this Deed of sale. In consideration of our consent to the final surrender of this portion of our land Victoria the Queen of England agrees to pay us for our land the sum of one thousand Price of block, £1,590. five hundred and ninety (£1590) pounds. A portion of this money has been received by us already as an advance. On the twentieth (20) day of May in the year 1854 the Payments already rcceived: sum of (£30) thirty pounds. on the fourteenth (14) day of June in the year 1854 the
20 May, 1854£30
14 June "100
21 " "150
10 July "100
5 Aug. "210
sum of one hundred pounds (£100) on the twenty first of June in the year 1854 the sum of one hundred and fifty pounds (£150) on the tenth (10) day of July in the year 1854 the sum of one hundred pounds (£100) on the fifth (5) day of August in the year 1854 the sum of two hundred and ten pounds £210.

We have for ever given up wept over taken farewell of and finally surrendered this land descended to us from our ancestors with its streams lakes waters its mountains and timber its minerals and its vegetable productions its plains and its forests its good Places and bad and all things appertaining to it whether on the surface or in the ground and all and everything of the land aforesaid have we totally surrendered on this day under the shining sun, as land to have and to hold to Victoria Queen of England and to all Kings or Queens Her successors for ever. In token of our consent to all and everything contained in this Deed we sign our names and affix our marks. In token of the Consent of Victoria Queen of England to all and everything contained in this Deed Donald McLean Esq. Chief Commissioner signs his name.

(Sd.) Donald Mclean, Commissioner.

Te Wi Matete, And 21 other signatures.

Signed in our presence—
John Rogan, Auckland.
Wm. B. Baker.
James Fulloon.
John Hobbs.

True translation:

(Sd.) Geo. W. Drummond Hay, District Commissioner.

A True Copy of Original Deed and Translation.

H. Hanson Turton.

Wellington, September 30th, 1875.