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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume One



This Deed conveying land written on this fourteenth (14) day of July in the year one 1854. 14 July. thousand eight hundred and fifty four (1854) is a Document of our full consent to give Piako District. up for ever a certain portion of our Land to the Queen of England to the Kings or Queens who may succeed her for ever which land is situated at Piako and Hauraki.— Opou, &c. The boundaries are as follows The first portion Opou—The outer boundary commences Boundaries: at Te Puoho and runs inland in the course of that stream to Ngaherehere and on to the 1. Opou. Karaka where it turns towards Wangaihou thence to the streams Tupapaku and in the course of the Piako river to Puoho. The second portion Okahu—The outer boundary 2. Okahu. commences at Wanaki thence in a direct line inland to Okupapa where it turns towards Waiinu o Whangaihou thence to Waitake and down the Piako stream to Wanaki. The third portion Te Haroto—The outer boundary commences at Kopuraruai thence inland 3. Te Haroto. to Rangitepu and onwards till it joins the land which was sold by Epiha and on to Piako down which river it proceeds to Kopuraruai. The fourth portion Te Awamatai—The 4. Awamatai. outer boundary commences at Koruatima thence inland to Waiwara thence to the Aute and Rangihou and down the Piako river to Kariotimu.
We hereby agree to point out the boundaries to the Surveyors when also the total amount of payment will be decided upon. We have received the sum of one hundred Receipt for £100, pounds as a first instalment. This land we have given up to the Queen for ever with first instalment, its trees and all above or below the surface whereof we hereunto affix our names and marks.

Hori Pokai.
Keha Mare his x mark.
Ngawaka te Werene.
Te Rarama.
Te Wani.

page 554


William Jowett.
Mohi Harare.
Katipa Awarahi.
Archd. A. Mclnnes, Clerk in Native Dept.
John White, Interpreter.

A True Copy of Original Deed and Translation.

H. Hanson Turton.

Wellington, August 4th, 1875.