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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume One

Ohinemuri Block (Gold Mining Lease), Thames District

Ohinemuri Block (Gold Mining Lease), Thames District.

This Deed made at ohinemuri this eighteenth day of February one thousand eight 1875. 18 February.Thames District hundred and seventy five between His Excellency George Augustus Constantine, Marquis of Normanby, Earl of Mulgrave, Viscount Normanby and Baron Mulgrave of Mulgrave Ohinemuri. all in the County of York in the Peerage of the United Kingdom and Baron Gold Mining Lease. Mulgrave of New ross in the county of Wexford in the Pearage of Ireland a Member of Her Majesty's most Honorable Privy Council Knight Commander of the most distinguished order of Saint Michael and Saint George, Governor and commander in Chief in and over. Her Majesty's Colony of New Zealand and its Dependencies and Vice Admiral of the same (hereinafter called the said Governor) on the one part and the Chiefs and people of the tribe Ngatitamatera of Hauraki, aboriginal Natives of the Colony of New Zealand (hereinafter called the Grantors) of the other part, Witnesseth that in consideration of the Covenants hereinafter contained and of the sum of Ten shillings paid by James Mackay the Younger Government Land Purchase Agent on behalf of the said Governor to the Grantors (the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged) the Grantors Do and each of them Doth hereby demise lease grant and assure unto the said Governor for Gold Mining purposes within the meaning of the stature intituled "The Gold fields Act 1866" and the various amendments thereto or any Act for the regulation of Gold Mining for the time being in force within the Province or colony, All that piece or parcel of land containing by admeasurement one hundred and thirty two thousand one hundred and seventy five acres or thereabouts known or called the Ohinemuri Block as the same is more particularly described in the Schedule hereto and delineated on the plan drawn on the back of this Deed and colored red, Together with all the coal page 544and other metals or minerals and all rights of way all water courses, rights easements and all appurtenances thereunto belonging, To have and To hold the said land and premises hereby demised, leased granted or expressed so to be unto the said Governor his successors and assigns for such term as the said Governor his successors and assigns shall require to sue the same for Gold or other mining purposes subject to the conditions following namely:
1.Any person mining for gold on or otherwise occupying any part of the said Ohinemuri Block shall be the holder of a "Miner's Right" issued for the said block under the Provisions of "the gold Fields Act 1866" or any Act for the regulation of Gold Mining for the time being in force within the Province or Colony.
2.Any person mining for any metal or mineral other than Gold within the Ohinemuri Block shall pay a rent or royalty for the same equivalent to that prescribed by the Waste Lands Act for the time being in force within the Province of Auckland or Colony of New Zealand.
3.Any person holding a Miner's Right shall be entitled to cut timber (other than Kauri) within the Ohinemuri Block, provided such timber is used by himself for mining and domestic purposes. Any person cutting timber for sale must be the holder of a Timber License duly authorizing him in that behalf for which he shall pay a fee of Five pounds (£5) for any area not exeeding Twenty acres so occupied by him and all labourers employed by him shall be holders of Miners' Rights.
4.All Kauri timber now standing on the Ohinemuri Block shall be sold in lots by public auction to the highest bidder subject to the right of any holder of a Miner's Right to at any time purchase any trees required for mining purposes for the sum or price of one pound five shillings for each tree.
5.Gold mining and Agricultural Leases of land situated within the Ohinemuri Block shall be granted on such terms and conditions as shall from time to time be prescribed by regulations to be made in accordance with "The Gold Fields Act" then being in force in the Province or Colony.
6.Lands required for Townships within the Ohinemuri Block shall be reserved and proclaimed. Any person occupying any allotment in such township for business purposes shall pay a Business License fee of Five pounds (£5) annually. Any person occupying any allotment for residence shall pay a fee of one pound (£1) annually.
7.Any person digging for Kauri gum within the Ohinemuri Block or doing any act of occupation not herein specified shall be the holder of a "Miner's Right."
8.Reserves for Native occupation and residence at Waihi an d Mataora shall be set aside and proclaimed and such reserves shall not be subject to the provisions of The Gold Fields Act.
9.All rents royaltys monies and fees (other than registration fees) payable to the Receiver of Gold fields Revenue to be appointed for the Ohinemuri block whether the same shall arise or accrue under the Gold Fiedls Act or in accordance with the terms of this Deed shall be deemed to be the property of the Native owners of the lands comprising the Ohinemuri Block, subject to the repayment to the Colonial Treasury of the Treasury of the said Receipt for £15,000. sum of Fifteen thousand pounds (£15000) all such monies arising under this Deed shall be paid to the Native owners of the Ohinemuri block quarterly on the thirty first day of March, thirtieth day of June, thirtieth day of September, and thirty first day of December in each year of the continuance of this Deed. In Witness of the consent of the Grantors to all the terms and conditions of this Deed they have hereunto signed their names or made thier marks, and in witness of the consent of the said Governor in his part to all the terms and conditions hereof the name of James Mackay the younger, Government Land Purchase Agent is subscribed.

Hareata x her mark.
Ngato x her mark.
Taraipene x her mark.
Te Hiriani x her mark.
Te Keepa Raharuhi.
Wata Tipa.
Hohepa Kapene.
Turiwhati te Poho x his mark.
Riria Ani x her mark.
Te Whareumu x his mark.
Rota Tamatea x his mark.
Tarapipipi te Kopara.
Mihi Tarapipipi x her mark.
Herewini Matehare.
Hori Pokai Rekena.
Rapata te Pokiha.
Rihi te Ao x her mark.
Na Ngatai.
Karauria x his mark.
Pita te Hangi x his mark.
Mere ana to Papu.
Tuihana Tahuna x her mark.
Hapainga x her mark.
Wikitoria Rangipiki x her
Te Tuhi a te Rangi x his mark.
Rakena Tuhoiti.
Ekiera Potiki x his mark.
Hoani te Kiripakeke x his mark.
Hirawa te Moananui.
Tehira Tara x his mark.
Haora Tareanui.
Keremeneta Matehaere x his mark.
Nepihana Tuiri.
Teretiu Kingi.
Paora Kingi.
Horopapera x his mark.
Whiu. page 545 Paraiana x his mark.
Te Warana x his mark.
Tupeka te Whakamau x his mark.
Haera Tamimiha.
Pera Reweti.
Renata Tamati.
Te Mimiha x his mark.
Rewi te Manawa x his mark.
Makutu Tamati.
Poihipi Kiatine.
Hapi Rewi.
Hirawani te Kara.
Miriama Nganeko x her mark.
Kararaina Motutarata x her mark.
Te Wano Te Paura x his mark.
Matiu Paoro.
Wiremu Hopihana te Popo.
Karaitiana Kihau.
Ruihana Kawhero x his mark.
Mataia x his mark.
Wi Kokaunahi.
Peneamine Te Hikaiti x his mark.
Mere Kuru x her mark.
Mere Titia x her mark.
Aherata Te Mihinui x her mark
Hemi Kaihe x his mark.
Wi Kotero x his mark.
Tamati Paetai.
Hakipene Huira.
Te Ake Ake x his mark.
Te Amo Paetai x his mark.
Wikiriwhi Hautonga.
Na Timoti te Huia.
Na Mehou.
Honana Potiki.
Paraku te Uia x his mark.
Hoera Tupaea.
Hera Hapiona x.
Tahana Potiki x.
Peke Haora x.
Kemara ti Reruatine.
Karauria Paka.
Arapata Hira x his mark.
Renepene te Piau x his mark.
Hunia te We [gap — reason: damage]
Hone Mete x his mark.
Tewa te Puru x his mark.
Ngahana Koraria.
Harata Paraone x her mark.
Ruiha Kemara x her mark.
Miriama Kawhe x her mark.
Timotiu te Aumaoria.
Peneaha Warekohai.
Hata Poka.
Rihitoto Mataia.
Wiremu Maihi x his mark.
Tareranui x his mark.
Hone Ngatara.
Pereniki te Kokako x his mark.
Te Hira te Tuiri x his mark.
Riria Karepe x her mark.
Ta Kerei te Putu.
Perereka te Putu x his mark.
Honi te Ngatete.
Ema te Aouru.
Harata Patene x her mark.
Wikitoria Nohohau.
Arama Karaka x his mark.
Hara Ngatai.
Pukepoto Pokai.
Aperahama Pokai.
Wiremu Hoeta Keepa.
Haira x his mark.
Rewieri te Hautaoku.
Ani Paratene te Hapa x her
Wiremu Ututangata.
Mareea te Huia x her mark.
Te Whetu Patara x his mark.
Paora Patara x his mark.
Hana Hopehona x her mark.
Peta te Heihei x his mark.
Tini Poaka te Ngako.
Pereniki te Amokete x his mark.
Rini Wiremu Kareka x his mark.
Pete Oriwia x her mark.
Remihia x his mark.
Koroneho Kotia.
Winikerei Patara x his mark.
Ririani Wetuhi x her mark.
Ropata No Ngatai.
Te Amokura x her mark.
Ti Miniha Ngatikoi.
Ereatara Taraia x his mark.
Maringi Karauria x her mark.
Ihimaira x his mark.
Hariata Tana Parepumate x.
her mark.
Ranapia x his mark.
Ripeka Kemara x her mark.
Mihi Pokai x her mark.
Rawiri te Wakaiti x his mark.
Peka Panapa x his mark.
Himiona Haiia x his mark.
Paraone te Maupu x his mark.
Tanara te Kuna.
Ngakapa Wanaunga.
Waituruturu x his mark.
Hemi te Kuri.
Winiata Whainga Erekana.
Kepi Hanama Koare.
Timoti te Huia x his mark.
Kahupeka Putai x her mark.
Oriwia Paeuma x her mark.

James Mackay, Jr