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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume One



1867. 9 November.Hauraki District.This Ageeement made this ninth day of November in the Year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and sixty seven (1867), Witnesseth the consent of us the Chiefs and people of Ngatitamatera on behalf of ourselves and our heirs to release (give over) to Sir George Grey Governor of New Zealand and the Governors who shall succeed Mamaku No. I. him all our pieces commencing at Te Mamaku thence along the sea coast to Moehau Gold Fields Agreement with Ngatitamatera. (Cape Colville) thence by the sea coast to Whitianga (Mercury Bay) thence along the boundary of the lands belonging to Ngatihe and Ngatimaru to the point of commencement at Te Mamaku. The whole of the said pieces of land are given over for Gold Boundaries. Mining purposes for the Governor and his assigns that is all lands belonging to us within the said boundaries are open for gold mining excepting the pieces of land owned Reserves. by other tribes and places occupied for residence or used for cultivation by us or for Burial grounds. The following are the terms and conditions under which the said lands Terms of surrender. are given over viz.
1No person will be permitted to mine for gold on the said lands unless he be the holder of a "Miner's Right" the payment for such "Miner's Right" shall be one pound (£l). Any person being the holder of a "Miner's Right" shall be entitled to do all works (or acts) which are termed gold mining operations.
2The Governor shall give (or pay) to us one pound (£1) for each "Miner's Right" which shall be issued to any person for mining on our piece of land. The days for the payment of such money to us shall be on the 31st day of March, the 30th day of June, the 30th day of September and the 31st day of December in each year of the continuance of this Agreement. Provided, that if any person being the holder of a "Miner's Right" shall remove on to the land of another tribe and mine for gold before completing the year specified in his "Miner's Right" there shall then be paid to us such money as shall be equivalent to the period for which such person shall have remained on our land, and it any person being the holder of a "Miner's Right" to mine on land belonging to another tribe shall remove on to our land the same conditions shall be complied with, the money shall be divided between us and them (the other tribe).
3Any person being the holder of a "Miner's Right" will be entitled to cut timber for firewood or for gold mining purposes excepting that Kauri timber shall be paid for. The payment for each tree required shall be one pound five shillings (£1 . 5 . 0).
4The Governor shall pay to us now the sum of Five hundred pounds as a deposit £500 deposit. on this Agreement but the said money shall be refunded to the Governor out of the money arising from "Miners' Rights" when the same is paid to us.
5The Governor shall pay the surveyors for surveying the pieces of land which are excepted and also the boundaries of the lands owned by other tribes.
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In witness of our consent on behalf of ourselves and our heirs to all the terms and conditions of this agreement and the giving over of all our pieces of land within the boundaries above described to the Governor to perform all works (or acts) which are termed Gold Mining operations we have hereunto signed our names and in witness of the consent of the Governor the name of James Mackay, Jr., Civil Commissioner is hereunto subscribed.

Signed Meha te Moananui.
Signed Honana Potiki Wahataiki.
Signed Riria Karepe her x mark
Signed Hata Paka.
Signed Nepihana.
Signed Keremenita his x mark.
Signed Hirawa.
Signed Paratene.
Signed Te Tahana.
Signed Pehimana.
Signed Rakena.
Signed Karauria.
Signed Paora Matutaera his x.mark.
Signed Hera Putea her x mark.
Signed Paora Tupaea.
Signed Kahukura.
Signed Rapana Pahono his x marh.
Signed Arama Tarakawa his x mark.
Signed Karaitiana.
Signed Pita te Hiangi.
Signed Matene Rutuhau.
Signed Te Tira
Signed Poroa.
Signed Eriatera his x mark.
Signed Herata her x mark.
Signed Hiimaera.
Signed Piniha his x mark.
James Mackay, Jr.,
Civil Commissioner, N.Z.
(Sd.) Hoori Paraone.

Witness to the signatures of Meha te Moananui, Honana Potiki Wahataiki, Riria Karepe, Hata Paka, Nepihana, Keremenita, Hirawa Paratene, Te Tahana, Pehimana, Rakena, Karauria, Paora Matutaera, Kera Putea, Paora Tupaea, Kahukura, Rapana Pahono, Arama Tarakawa, Karaitiana, Pita te Hiangi, Matene Rutuhau, Te Tira, Poroa, Eriatera, Herata, Hiimaera, Piniha and James Mackay, Jr.

(Signed) James C. Boyd, Miner Shortland.
(Signed) Alexander Gillan, Miner, Shortland.

Witness to the signature of Hoori Paraone—

Signed James C. Boyd, Miner, Shortland.
Signed Alexander Gillan, Miner, Shortland.

Registration Received for Registration 11.21 a.m., 6 May, 1870. (L.S.)

M. Hamilton,
Dep. Registrar.

A True Copy of Original Deed, Translation, and Endorsement.

H. H. Turton.

Wellington, July 27th, 1875.