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Maori-Polynesian Comparative Dictionary



A. H. M., “Ancient History of the Maori,” by J. White.
App., Appendix to Dictionary.
Ar. M., “Aryan Maori,” by Edward Tregear.
Auth., Authority.
Bot., Botany.
Col., Rev. W. Colenso, F.R.S., F.L.S.
Cf., Compare (confero).
Crus., Crustacea.
Cent., Central.
C. O. D., C. O. Davis, Native Interpreter, Author of “Maori Mementoes,” &c.
Col. Nom., “Nomenclature,” by W. Colenso, F.L.S.
Dimin., Diminutive.
Ent., Entomology.
Ext. Poly., Extra Polynesian. Dialects spoken in localities not inhabited by the fair Polynesians.
Fig., Figuratively.
Fem., Feminine.
Eko., Exodus, Ekoruhe (Bible).
F. P. R., Fornander's “Polynesian Race.”
For., Fornander's “Polynesian Race.”
G.-8, Appendix to Journal, House of Representatives, G.-8, 1880.
G. P., Sir G. Grey's “Poems, Traditions, and Chaunts of the Maoris” (Ko nga Moteatea me nga Hakirara o nga Maori).
Geog., Geographical.
Ham., Samuel, Hamuera (Bible).
Her., Jeremiah, Heremaia (Bible).
H. H., “Histoire de l'archipel Havaiien,” par Jules Remy.
Hip., Hebrews, Nga Hiperu (Bible).
Hoa., John, Hoani (Bible).
Hoh., Joshua, Hohua (Bible).
Hopa, Job, Hopa (Bible).
Ich., Ichthyology.
i. e., that is (id est).
Iha., Isaiah, Ihaia, (Bible).
Ika, Te Ika a Maui,” by Rev. R. Taylor. Ed. 1885.
J. L. N., Narrative of a Voyage to New Zealand,” by J. L. Nicholas.
J. P., “Jottings in the Pacific,” by W. Wyatt Gill, B. A.
Kai, Ecclesiastes, Te Kai Kauwhau (Bible).
Ken., Genesis, Kenehi (Bible).
Ko., Korimako, a newspaper.
Kori., Korimako, a newspaper.
L. A., Lorrin Andrews, Author of Hawaiian Dictionary.
Lit., Literally.
L. P., “Life of Patuone,” by C. O. Davis.
Ma., Matthew, Matiu (Bible).
Mak., Mark, Maka (Bible).
Met., Metaphorically.
M.L., In Maori letters, i.e. as if written by a New Zealander.
M. M., “Maori Mementoes,” by C. O. Davis.
Mol., Mollusca.
M. S., “Maori Customs and Superstitions,” by John White; bound up with “History and Traditions of the Maoris,” by T. W. Gudgeon.
MSS., Manuscripts. The Mauscripts quoted are three sent to author. One by C. O. Davis, another by W. Colenso, and a third by a native chief.
M. & S., “Myths and Songs of the South Pacific,” by the Rev. W. Wyatt Gill, B.A.
Myth., Mythology.
N. Z., New Zealand.
Neh., Nehemiah, Nehemia (Bible).
Nga., Proverbs, Nga Whakatauki (Bible).
Nga Mahi, Acts of the Apostles, Nga Mahi a nga Apotoro (Bible).
Obs., Obsolete.
Orn., Ornithology.
Pass., Passive.
Plu., Plural.
Prov., Proverb.
P. M., “Polynesian Mythology,” by Sir G. Grey. Ed. 1885.
Ran., Daniel, Raniera (Bible).
Recip., Reciprocal. A grammatical term, as “We love one another,” “They clasped hands.”
Rew., Levitious, Rewhitikuha (Bible).
Rutu, Ruth, Rutu (Bible).
S. E. T., “Eruption of Tarawera,” by Percy Smith, F.R.G.S.
S. R., “Maori Religion and Mythology,” by Dr. Shortland, M.A.
S. N. Z., The Southern Districts of New Zealand,” by Dr. Shortland, M.A.
S. T., Traditions and Superstitions of the New Zealanders,” by Dr. Shortland, M.A.
Syn., Synonym.
Tau., Numbers, Tauanga (Bible).
Tiu., Deuteronomy, Tiuteronomi (Bible).
Trans., Transactions of New Zealand Institute.
Wai., Psalms, Nga Waiata (Bible).
Wak., Waka Maori, a newspaper.
W. T., Papers in Transactions of New Zealand Institute, by Rev. Mr. Wohlers.
Wohl., Trans., Papers in Transactions of New Zealand Institute, by Rev. Mr. Wohlers.
W. W., “New Zealand Dictionary,” by Ven. Archdeacon Williams.
Zool., Zoology.
= equal to.