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Maori-Polynesian Comparative Dictionary



R and N.—Ramu, a mosquito, T. namu; anuhe, common fern, M. aruhe; manii, to be spilling, M. maringi; manino, calm, M. marino; manana, vagrant, M. marara; natu, to be brought into some dilemma, M. rapu; manaa, manageable, T. maraa; manuhini, visitors, M. and T. manuhiri; nave, to be pleased, M. rawe; naupa, to obtain, T. raupa; navai, to suffice, T. ravai; nua, above, M. runga.

M and P.—Mahore, to be peeling off, T. and M. pahore; nauma, to obtain, T. naupa; mahu, to cease, T. pahu; mahemo, to slip off, T. pahemo; patia, a spear, M. matia.

M and WH(F).—Humaha, the thigh, M. huwha and T. hufaa; maha, four, M. wha.

M and H.—Hiro, to twist, M. miro.

M Lost.—Teiaha, heavy, T. teimaha; araea, red earth, Marquesan karamea.

K Lost.—This is an entire loss. Ai, the neck, M. kaki; io, flesh, M. kiko, &c. &c.

K and V.—Vita, tied, fast-bound, M. kita.

NG Lost.—This is an entire loss. Aa, an insult, M. kanga; aau, the heart, M. ngakau, &c. &c., &c.

N and NG.—Na, the plural article “the,” M. nga; noi, a knot, M. ngoi.

N and P.—Natu, to be brought into some dilemma, T. napu; panai, to stand in a line, T. nanai.

N Lost.—Niniore, a species of fish-blubber, T. iiore.

N and R.—See R and N ante.

H and M.—See M and H ante.

H and F.—Aoha, a species of plantain, T. aofa; pufà, a disease of the foot, T. puha.

H and WH.—Hirinai, to lean on another, M. whaka-whirinaki.

H and R.—Maohi, native, T. and M. Maori.

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H and P.—Hananu, flowing (as the sea), T. pananu.

H Added.—Humaha, the thigh, T. hufaa.

H Lost.—Anaana, bright, shining, M. hana, T. hanahana; rairai, thin, M. rahirahi; ono, to join one piece to another, M. and T. hono; oromi, to disappear, M. horomi; nohinohi, small, T. noinoi; opohe, to be checked in growth, T. opoe.

P and M.—See M and P ante.

P and WH (F).—Patiri, thunder, M. whaitiri; patu, a stone wall, to build with stone, M. whatu.

P and N.—See N and P ante.

P Lost.—Pafata, a cage, a box, T. afata

R Lost.—Vau, eight, M. waru; puamaru, agitation of mind, T. puauau.

T Lost.—Raumai, to be fair after raining, M. raumati; ahu, to be burnt, tahu.

V and W.—A regular interchange. Vaha, the mouth, M. waha; vai, water, M. wai, &c., &c.

V Added.—Uvira, lighting, M. and T. uira.

WH and F.—A regular interchange. Fai, to confess, M. whaki; fare, a house, M. whare, &c.

WH and H.—See H and WH ante.

WH and M.—See M and WH ante.