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Maori-Polynesian Comparative Dictionary



[Note.—Although the books here enumerated have been consulted, extracts have not been made from all of them. Some are unreliable, some almost useless for lexicographical purposes, but almost every one contained some hint or allusion pointing out where more valuable information could be found.]

Transactions New Zealand Institute, Vols, i. to xxii., (1868 to 1880); Williams'sNew Zealand Dictionary, 1871; Buller'sBirds of New Zealand, 1889; Colenso'sNomenclature, 1888; Colenso'sRuahine Range, 1884, and Ancient Tide Lore, 1889; Codrington'sMelanesian Languages, 1885; Inglis'sAneityumese Dictionary, 1882; Inglis'sIn the New Hebrides, 1887; Lawe'sMotu Grammar and Vocabulary, 1885; Chalmers and Gill's Work and Adventure in New Guinea, 1885; Chalmers's Pioneering in New Guinea, 1887; Gill's Savage Life in Polynesia, 1880; Gill's Jottings in the Pacific, 1885; Gill's Life in the Southern Isles, 1870; Gill's Gems from the Coral Islands, 1856; Turner's Samoa a Hundred Years ago, 1884; Max Müller's Biographies of Words, 1888; Max Müller's Science of Language, 1864; Max Müller's Science of Thought, 1887; Max Müller's Introduction to the Science of Religion, 1882; Keightley's Fairy Mythology, 1884; Jules Remy's Ka Moolelo Hawaii, 1862; Penny's Ten Years in Melanesia, 1888; Dibble's History of the Sandwich Islands, 1843; Murraf's Bible in the Pacific, 1888; Bougainville's Voyage Round the World, 1772; Whitney's Life and Growth of Language, 1882; Kalakaua I. (King of Hawaii), Legends and Myths of Hawaii, 1888; Kalakaua's Na Mele aimoku, 1890; Burnouy's Science of Religion, 1888; Fkathermann's Social History of the Races of Mankind (Papuo and Malayo Melanesians), 1887; Cook's Voyages, 1773; Forster's Voyage Round the South Pole and Round the World, 1777; Turnbull's Voyage Round the World, 1806; Angas's Savage Life and Scenes in Australia and New Zealand, 1847; Brown's New Zealand and its Aborigines, 1845; Buller's Forty Years in New Zealand, 1878; Brougiiton's Voyage of Discovery in H.M.S. “Providence,” 1864; Terry's New Zealand, 1842; Calvert's Fiji and the Fijians, 1870; White's Ancient History of the Maori (v. vols.), 1888; London Missionary Society's Tahitian Dictionary, 1851; The Samoan page xi Bible, 1884; The Rarotongan Bible, 1888; Hochstetter's New Zealand, 1867; Matthes's Makassaarsch-Hollandsch Woordenboek, 1885; Burney's Chronological History of Discoveries in the South Seas, 1803; Nicholas's Narrative of a Voyage to New Zealand, 1817; Crewe's Narrative of Life in New Zealand, 1874; Cruise's Journal of a Ten Months Residence in New Zealand, 1824; Rabone's Tongan Dictionary, 1849; Don Juan Gayacao's Nuevo Vocabulario en Hispano-Ilocano, 1884; Gayacao's Manual de Conversaciones en Hispano-Bicol, 1881; Gayacao's Nuevo Vocabulario Espanol Tagalo y Pampango, 1882; Happart's Dictionary of the Favorlang Dialect of Formosan Language, 1840 (written, 1650); Logan's Journal of the East Indian Archipelago, 1847 to 1863; Davies's Grammar of the Tahitian Dialect of Polynesian Language, 1823; Moerenhouts' Voyages aux iles du Grand Ocean, 1837; Favre's Account of the Wild Tribes Inhabiting the Malayan Peninsula, 1865; Wallace's Malay Archipelago, 1869; Harven's La Nouvella Zélande, 1883; Maurer's Die Nikobaren, 1867; Garnier's Voyage autour du Monde-Oceanie, 1875; Miklucho Maclay's Meine Zweite Excursion nach New Guinea, 1874; Maning's Old New Zealand, 1863; Woodford's A Naturalist Among the Head-hunters, 1890; Pratt's Samoan Dictionary, 1878; Andrews's Hawaiian Dictionary, 1865; Cheyne's A Description of Islands in the Western Pacific Ocean, 1852; Forrest's Voyage to New Guinea and the Moluccas, 1779; Bopp's Über die Verwandtschaft der Malayisch-Polynesischen Sprachen mit den indisch-europaischen, 1841; Humboldt's Über die Kawi-Sprache auf der Insel Java, 1838; Steven's Dyak Vocabularies (MSS); Taylor's Te Ika-a-Maui, 1870; Hutton's New Zealand Mollusca, 1880; Crawfurd's Grammar and Dictionary of the Malay Language, 1852; Remy's Recits d'un vieux sauvage (Hawaii), 1859; Winter's Kawi-javaansch Woordenboek, 1880; The Tongan Bible, 1884; Bird's Six Months among the Palm-Groves, Coral-Reefs and Volcanoes of the Sandwich Islands, 1875; Ellis's Tour through Hawaii, 1826; Mariner's Tonga Islands, 1818; Hector's Fishes of New Zealand, 1872; Maori Bible, 1868; De Bovis' État de la Société Taitienne, 1855; Young's Southern World, 1858; Prêtre de Picpus' Grammaire des Iles Marquises, 1857; Buzacott's Akataka Reo Rarotonga, 1878; Purves' Drake and Dampier's Voyages, 1882; (Anon) He Hamani pia pa (Marquesan), 1868; Maxwell's Manual of the Malay Language, 1882; Hazlewood's Fijian Dictionary, 1872; Hawaiian Bible, 1884; Transactions Anthropological Institutè, 1880–1890; Parker's Malagasy Grammar, 1883; Buchanan's Indigenous Grasses of New Zealand, 1880; Transactions of Philological Society (London), 1877–1888; Percival's Tamil Dictionary, 1867; Scherzer's Voyage of the “Novara,” 1863; Library of Entertaining Knowledge The New Zealanders, 1830; Kirk's Forest Flora of New Zealand, 1889; Grey's Poems of the New Zealanders (Nga Moteatea), 1853; Grey's Polynesian Mythology, 1885; Fornander's The Polynesian Race, 1878; White's Maori Superstitions, 1885; Shortland's Maori Religion and Mythology, 1882; Shortland's Southern Districts of New Zealand, 1851; Shortland's Traditions and Superstitions of the New Zealanders, 1856; Latham's Comparative Philology, 1862; Schirren's Die Wandersagen der Neuseeländer, 1850; Well's History of Taranaki, 1878; The Tahitian Bible, 1884; Steel's New Hebrides, 1880; Freeman's Malagasy Dictionary, 1835; Gibbing's Folk Lore, 1889; Serrano's Nuevo Dicconario Espanol-Tagalo, 1872; Purves' Anson's Voyage Round the World, 1882; Jaussen's Te Faufaa Api (Tahiti). 1889; Hovelacque's Science of Language, 1877; Topinard's Anthropology, 1878; Tylor's Early History of Mankind, 1865; Tylor's Primitive Culture, 1871; Gisborne's Colony of New Zealand, 1888; Deighton's Moriori Vocabulary, 1887; Davis's Life and Times of Patuone, 1876; Joly's Man before Metals, 1883; Beechey's Voyage of the “Blossom,” 1839; Brace's Manual of Ethnology, 1863; Lubbock's Prehistoric Times, 1865; Lubbock's Origin of Civilization, 1882; Rochon's Voyages aux Indes Orientales, 1802; Lee and Kendal's New Zealand Grammar and Vocabulary, 1820; D'Urville's Voyages dans “l'Astrolabe,” 1883; Polack's New Zealand, 1838; Maunsell's Grammar of the New Zealand Language, 1842; Wade's Journey in the North Island of New Zealand, 1842; Quatrefages' Les Polynésiens; Lesson's Les Polynésiens, 1880; Melville's Marquesas Islands, 1846; Russell's Polynesia, 1843; Guppy's Solomon Islands, 1887; Lawry's Friendly and Feejee Islands, 1850; Ellis's Polynesian Researches, 1829; Jaussen's Tahitian Vocabulary; Williams's Fiji and the Fijians, 1858; Brown's Races of Mankind, 1876; Vaux's Probable Origin of the Maoris, 1876; Wood's Natural History of Man, 1868; Gironiere's Twenty Years in the Philippines, 1856; Money's Java, 1861; Pembroke's South Sea Bubbles, 1872; Ricci's Fiji, 1875; SiBree's The Great African Island, 1880; WilkEs's The United States Exploring Expedition, 1845; Farrar's Language and Languages, 1878; Dieffenbach's Travels in New Zealand, 1843; Bastian's Inselgruppen in OCeanien, 1883; Coppinger's Cruise of the “Alert,” 1885; Labillardiere's Voyage a la Récherche de La Peroux, 1792; Darwin's Voyage of the “Beagle,” 1860; Juke's Voyage of the “Fly,” 1847; McGillivray's Voyage of H.M.S. “Rattlesnake,” 1851; Osborn's Journal in Malayan Waters, 1860; Magellan's First Voyage Round the World, 1874.