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Maori-Polynesian Comparative Dictionary


page 629


[See Page 200.]

MAKURAKURA (màkurakura), glowing, reddish. Cf. ura, to glow; to be red or brown; kura, red, to redden; pakurakura, red; kurawhero, a red garment. [For comparatives, see Kura.]

MAKURU, dripping, trickling in frequent drops. Cf. maku, damp, wet; haumaku, bedewed; maturuturu, to distil, to trickle in drops; uru, the head [see Tahitian]; kuru, to strike with the first [see Mangarevan]. 2. Shewing much fruit; having the fruit set.

Samoan—ma‘ulu, to sprinkle, as rain; dropping, drops, as of water; to drop, as dew: Auà ua sùsù lo‘u ulu i le sau, o‘u lauulu foi i le ma‘ulu, o le sau i le po; My head is wet with dew, and my hair with the drops of night. (b.) To fall through, as anything from a hole in a basket; (c.) to shed the feathers, to moult; ma‘ulu‘ulu, to be very fatigued, as if about to drop to pieces. Cf. tutulu, to leak, as a house. Hawaiian—cf. makulu, to drop, as water; a drop of liquid. Tahitian—mauru, to be shedding or falling, as the hair; (b.) bare; shorn; mauruuru, pleasing; satisfactory; to be pleased; pleasure; haa-mauruuru, to give pleasure. Cf. uru, breadfruit; the human skull. Tongan—makulu, to drop, as rain; faka-makulu, to crouch; to abscond from work. Cf. mokulu, to fall, as tears; to run out; to fall in pieces. Mangarevan—makuru, frequent fall of fruit, or of things generally which fall easily; (b.) to trip in speaking; makurukuru, frequent falling (of tears only); aka-makurukuru, to allow to fall; to fall often at short intervals, as rain, snow, &c. Cf. kuru, to bruise in striking; kurutara, breadfruits with rind roughened; kuruòe, paste made of abortive fruits. Paumotan—makuru, abortive fruit; (b.) rain. Cf. kuru, breadfruit.

MAKURURANGI (màkururangi), a variety of the kumara or sweet potato.

MAKUTU (màkutu), to bewitch; witchcraft; Na katahi ka tahuri atu ki te makutu i a raua—P. M., 33: Ka makuturia, a mate tonu iho i reira taua mokai—A. H. M., i. 9. 2. (Moriori) To cajole; crafty.

Ext Poly.: Fiji—cf. màkutu, clever; diligent; well-executed.