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Return of the Correspondence signed or, Purporting to be signed by William Thompson te Waharoa, etc.

[Translation.] — Wi Tamihana to His Excellency the Governor

[corresponding (en, en)]

Wi Tamihana to His Excellency the Governor.


Kiri Kiriroa, 23rd October, 1861.

Salutations to you who was the father of the New Zealand people when you were here formerly. I greet you in the grace of God. You have been sent back to us, and here am I still loving you.

This is what I have to say to you about the coming of Maihi Te Rangikaheke to my place. The cause of his coming was to induce me to throw down my flag. I told him that I would not agree to do so. He then asked me to come there (to Auckland) before Governor Browne. I said to him, that is good. I then wrote a letter to Mr. Fox to inform him as to what time I should arrive in Auckland. When the Waikatos heard of my intention of going they were angry, and said that I should not go. Enough, I listened to what they said, and remained. Some time after Wi Maihi came to my place, but before he arrived my flag had gone to Rotorua. It was the men of that place who came and asked me to give them a flag for their place. Maihi was very angry with me for sending that flag to his place and to his people. I said to him, what do I care about your anger ? He said that he would go to Rotorua. I said go. He went, and when he arrived, he demanded (it), but it was not given by the Wahakaikapua, and he came back. My reason for writing to you on this subject is, lest you should listen to any false statements made by those who may visit you. Attend. I did not approve of all that Maihi said, because his " korero " was the same as that of Governor Browne Enough.

Friend, don't write for me to come there, as I shall not be permitted by my tribe to come; but if you have a desire to see my face come to Ngaruawahia, for my tribe will never allow me to come before you. Enough.

From your loving friend,

From Wi Tamihana Te Waharoa.