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Sketches of Early Colonisation in New Zealand and its Phases of Contact with the Maori Race


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A Reverie iii
Preface v to vii
Hoolahan and The Gin-Bottle 1 to 7
A Thrilling Maori Episode 8 to 19
An Exciting Pig Hunt 20 to 28
Lost in the Forest.—Terrible sufferings and Timely Rescue 29 to 45
A Bovine Adventure.—A Critical Strait 46 to 63
A Savage Equine Battle 64 to 72
The Great Bush Fire. — A Thrilling Incident 73 to 96
A Hazardous Enterpise.—Sagacity of the Horse 97 to 118
A Maori Duchess and the Tug-of-War 119 to 132
A Peculiar Maori Wager 133 to 139
A Maori Wedding.—Prodigal Hospitality 140 to 165
A Northern Excursion.—A Hazardous Situation 166 to 189
The Tattooed Warrior 190 to 194