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Te Ika a Maui, or New Zealand and its Inhabitants

List of Engravings and Vignettes

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List of Engravings and Vignettes.

Map of the New Zealand Islands.
Town of Wanganui To face Title
The Geysers of Orakokorako To face 224
The Old Priest of Waikowau, West Coast 1
The Monument of Reretawangawanga, the Chief of Waikanae 11
Crying for the Dead 12
A Mere Mere 31
The Tomb of Heuheu 32
A Memorial Idol of a Chief slain in battle 54
A tapued Chief eating with a Fern-stalk 55
A Chief praying to his God, and a Memorial Idol 62
The Church at Otake, on the Manganui-a-te-ao 65
Basket, with Gods 82
Waingaroa Harbour 83
Carved Box 86
A View of the Reinga 97
The Carving on a Tomb 106
The Pa of Te Arero, on the Manga-nui-a-te-ao 107
The Prow of a War Canoe 126
Manganui-a-te-ao, a Tributary of the Wanganui 126
He Tata, or Tiheru—A Water-scoop for a Canoe 137
A Fishing Hut 138
He Koauau, or Musical Pipe 147
A Tattooed Head 148
He Waka Paparanga rakau, or Geneological Board 159
Hikurangi, taking leave of Friends 160
A Papa, or Carved Dish 170
Preparing Canoe for Sea 171
The Burial-place at Puke Tapu Atene, on the Wanganui 179page xii
He Pareare, a Sandal or Snow-shoe 203
Motu Taiko, a small Island in Lake Taupo 204
He Heru, or Comb 218
Wairake, Boiling Springs near Taupo 219
A Sketch near Wangape, on the North-West Coast 239
A Limestone Cave at Pukemapau 243
He Meremere Pounamu (presented to the Queen) 244
Roto-Mahana, the Warm Lake 245
Cooking at a Boiling Spring 250
Night Encampment 251
Forest Scenery 253
A Ko, or Native Spade 258
Auckland 259
The Boulder Bank Harbour, Nelson 265
Mount Taranaki, or Egmont, from Ware atea 269
The Kiri Kiri Station, Bay of Islands 270
He Papa, or Carved Box 278
The Mission-house and Pa at Wanganui, from the Cave in the Cliff 281
A Taiaha, or Chief's Staff 299
A Native School 300
He Whare Puni, or Warm House 308
Wangaroa Harbour 309
Monument of Te Heuheu, at Pukawa, Taupo 319
He Kokoti, an Ancient Weapon of War 322
A Waterfall at Papa-roa, on the Wanganui 323
A Frame to deposit Corpses in until decomposed 341
Atene, or Oawitu, a Village on the Wanganui 342
A Memorial Idol 376
An Ornamental Food-store 377
A Bata Tree 393
Cave near the Mouth of the Mokau 394
The Araara 410
A Vegetating Locust 421
Vegetating Caterpillars 425
Repe Repe—Callorynchus Australia 429
A New Plant, Fam. Balanophoneæ (!) 430
Hine Moa, Basaltic Formation on the Kaingaroa Road, in the Interior 458