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The Past and Present Of New Zealand With Its Prospects for the Future


page vii


Chapter I. Page
Sunshine and Shade; or, the Past, Present, and Future of the Church Mission of New Zealand 1
Chapter II
Church Mission (continued) 19
Chapter III
Church Mission (continued) 50
Chapter IV
Church Mission (continued) 73
Chapter V
Native Schools and Half-Caste Race 87
Chapter VI
The English Church 92
Chapter VII
King Movement 107
Chapter VIII
King Movement (continued) 157
Chapter IX
The Present Colonial Government.—Our Surplus Population.—Convicts.—Confederation of the Provinces of the British Empire 173
Chapter X
The Geography of New Zealand.—The Isles of New Zealand.—Colonization 191 page viii
Chapter XI
Tamihana Wiremu Tarapipi te Waharoa.—John Williams.—Dr. Sinclair.—Bishop Monrad.—Baron de Thierry.—A New Zealand Grace Darling 231
Chapter XII
A Lecture delivered at the Odd Fellows’ Hall, Wanganui, on its Past, Present, and Future, on leaving for England 267
Chapter XIII
Acclimatisation 290
Chapter XIV
Statistics.—A List of the earliest Works printed in Maori.—Population.—The Total Number of Acres in the possession of Europeans under Crop in the several Electoral Districts in December 1864.—Middle Island.—The Number of Acres in the possession of Europeans under Crop in the several Provinces in December 1864.—Customs’ Revenue at the several Ports for Quarter ending 30th June 1865.—Value of Exports for the several Provinces during the Quarter ending June 30 1865.—Number and Tonnage of Vessels cleared outwards at the several Ports during the Quarter ending 30th June 1865.—Revenue of the Provinces for the Quarter ending 30th June 1865.—New Zealand and Australian Tariffs.—Bank Returns, Quarter ending 31st March, 1866.—Gold Exports from 1861 to 30th November 1865.—Revenue of Otago from 1861 to 30th September 1865.—Latitude and Longitude.—Quantity and Value of Gold exported from 1st April 1855, to 31st March 1857.—Live Stock in the Possession of Europeans in the several Provinces in December 1861.—Receipts and Expenditure of the ordinary Revenue for the Quarter ending December 31st 1865.—Governors of New Zealand.—The Waitangi Treaty, 301
Chapter XV
Hints to Emigrants.—A Letter from one of the earliest Settlers in Wanganui 321