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The Past and Present Of New Zealand With Its Prospects for the Future


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In presenting this Work to the Public, a few words may be required by way of Preface.

The brief accout given of the Church Mission in New Zealand is only to be viewed as a sketch, and that of necessity a partial one, being chiefly confined to the Writer’s own observation. Fully to do justice to this subject would extend it far beyond the limits of the present work.

Many accounts of the New Zealand War, which has been raging for the last twelve years, having already appeared from those taking opposite views, have of necessity so widely differed, that the Writer being personally acquainted with most of the leading characters, as well as with their points of difference, has ventured to add another, with the desire of reconciling as far as possible the discrepancies of both, and present a simple and unbiassed account, which will be found strictly consonant with truth.

New Zealand, without doubt, is the colony of Great page vi Britain, which offers the greatest advantages to those who leave its shores; viewing it as such, a short statement is given of its present and future prospects, that our countrymen, who make up their minds to emigrate, may see it is the field for them to select, which, whilst it presents the greatest resemblance to their native land, still preserves British thought and sentiment, and offers all the advantages of a new country to those who seek to better their position.

Statistics are added, which will abundantly prove all advanced, and make its wonderful progress most evident, satisfactorily showing what a change British industry and perserverance have effected in an antipodal wilderness, in founding a colony which has not yet attained its thirtieth year.

With these few remarks, the Writer submits his little Work to the kind consideration of the Public, to whom it is respectfully dedicated.

March, 1868.