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The Past and Present Of New Zealand With Its Prospects for the Future

Governors of New Zealand

Governors of New Zealand.

1.James Busby, Esquire, was British resident at the Bay of Islands, from 1836 to 1840. He was the first British officer stationed in New Zealand. *
2.Captain Hobson, R.N., came in February 1840, and died in Auckland, September 10, 1842.
3.Lieutenant Shortland, R.N., Colonial Secretary, Acting Governor fifteen months.
4.Captain Fitzroy, from December 1843 to November 1845.page 317
5 & 6.Sir George Grey, from 1845 to 1854, (made Governor-in-Chief, with Mr. Eyre, from 1847, as Lieutenant-Governor.)
7.Colonel Wynyard, Acting-Governor, from January 1854 to September 1855. The New Zealand Constitution.
8.Colonel Gore Browne, from October 1855 to September 1861.
9.Sir George Grey, from September 1861.
Mr. Enderby had the title of Lieutenant-Governor of the Auckland Isles conferred upon him, but his reign was short and destitute of interest. He commenced a settlement in one of the Auckland Isles in 1850, as the head of a Whaling Company.

* Being totally without means of maintaining his authority, the natives compared him to “a man of war without guns.”