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The Past and Present Of New Zealand With Its Prospects for the Future

A New Zealand Grace Darling

A New Zealand Grace Darling.

A counterpart of Grace Darling’s exploit lately occurred near Nelson, which must not be forgotten. In this instance the heroine was a young Maori woman :—

The “Delaware” was wrecked upon a rock near Wakapuka. The chief’s daughter, Julia, with her husband, immediately put off their clothes and swam to a rock near the vessel, carrying a couple of ropes with them; one they made fast from the shore to the rock, and the other they threw on board the vessel, to which it was secured. The crew were thus enabled to reach the rock in safety, and thence the shore; all were saved, except the chief mate, who was ill in bed, and unable to make the effort. This brave act created a great sensation in Nelson. A subscription was immediately raised, with which two gold watches were purchased these, with a suitable inscription, were presented to the couple by Judge Johnston, whose address to them on the occasion being in English, was delivered in Maori by Mr. Mackay, the Government interpreter. It is a pity they could not have a medal sent them from the Royal Humane Society; they richly deserve it.