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The Past and Present Of New Zealand With Its Prospects for the Future

Dr. Sinclair

Dr. Sinclair.

In this account of New Zealand, a few lines to the memory of an old and esteemed friend must be given. Dr. Sinclair was a naval surgeon, who came to New Zealand on its being proclaimed a British colony; and was not long after appointed to the office of Colonial Secretary, which office he held until the constitution came into force, when he retired on a pension.

He was a scientific character, and rendered essential aid in several departments of natural history; his contributions to the flora, conchology, and entomology of his adopted country, will long preserve the memory of his name.

It was in prosecution of his botanical researches in the Middle Island that led him, at an advanced period of life, to page 260 undertake a journey through the wildernesses of that island, in company of Dr. Haast, where he lost his life in crossing the Rangi-tata; and near its banks the remains of this well-known and highly-esteemed gentleman repose.

A simple but most touching monument of him is to be seen in the Museum of Christ Church, Canterbury, where the last Botanical specimens, which he had collected on the day of his death, found in the satchel on his back, are preserved on a sheet of paper with a broad black margin, framed and hung up.