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A letter written by Kereopa, one of the Warea fanatics, to Waikato

Warea, Oct. 14, 1845.

A message or dispatch to you.

Go my letter to Horotiu, to Pou; salutations to you and yours. My friends, listen to me. The kingdom of God has been set up at Taranaki. Jesus Christ has come into the world. Listen to me; Jesus Christ has saved me, and made alive seventy men, from the time of His appearing in the world. This is true, true, most true; day by day He has saved me. I have seen Jesus Christ. Do you read this letter of mine to Rei, to Mata mata, to all of Maungatautari, to all the men of Tauranga, to all of Rotorua, lest you should disbelieve. It is true He has wrought miracles, and I am saved, my friends. I am filled with the Holy Spirit, the searching heart, that I may dwell in peace. I am filled with love; it is bound to me with the cords of the Spirit. With the Spirit rests the concern for my body; with you, that is with the Lord, it rests to send for me.

“From the true angel of Jesus Christ,

From Kereopa.

To Poukaroa, at the Horotiu