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A Leaf from the Natural History of New Zealand


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IT is said by a distinguished writer, that no one should present the public with anything in such a crude and undigested form as to need an apology. Although, as a general rule, this may hold good, yet, fortunately for the author, it has its exceptions. In a country so little known, and so recently colonized as New Zealand, it is a duty each one owes to contribute his mite to the general fund of information; and, however imperfect these contributions may be, they are more likely to be appreciated than those of higher pretensions at some future period, when the difficulties which the inquirer has now to contend with will have been removed.

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The author flatters himself, that however defective his vocabulary may be found, it will still furnish matter which others may turn to better account, and will prove not altogether uninteresting to the settler, for whose use it is chiefly intended.