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A Leaf from the Natural History of New Zealand

Native Diseases

Native Diseases.

Aku, dysentery

Amiomio, to turn round; to be giddy

Anini, head ache; giddiness. Syn. with Ngaruru

Anu, complaint of the eyes; cold

Ape, Apeape, club foot. Syn. with Hape

Aroaroea, pain in the stomach

Arohirohi, to turn round; to be giddy

Aurere, groaning

Autakauta, contagion

Awiowio, indistinctness of vision

Hake, crooked back

Hakihaki, cutaneous eruption; pimples; itch

Haku, a cold; cholic

Hanginenga, dysentery

Hape, crooked feet

Harehare, eruption; the itch

Haua, swollen

Hauaitu, benumbed

Hauhauwaitu, falling down without any perceptible cause

Haurangi, deranged person. Syn. with Porangi

Hautete, one who jabbers

Hauware, saliva

Hawareware, to be full of saliva

Hetu, fester

Hi, dysentery

Hoha, weariness

Hoi, deafness

Hore, large swelling, or running sore

Huahua, small pimple

Huhu, dysentery

Huhunu, yellow skin; jaundice

page 86

Huware, saliva

Ipuipu, swelling on the sole of the foot

Iramata, spot in the eye

Kakati, sting; a bite

Kanikani, complaint in the thighs

Karukowiti, complaint of the eyes when the lid is turned inside

Kea, secretion from the nose

Keha, scrofulous swelling of the neck. Syn. with Ngene

Keke, cramp

Keko, squinting

Kerekerewai, numbness

Kero, maimed

Ketoketo, sick person

Kikiki, shivering or ague. Syn. with Poanau

Kirihoko, dry scurfy skin

Kirika, fever

Kirikiritona, complaint of the eye; the lid being turned inside out

Kiritona, pimple on the eyelid; a wart; a stye

Koangi, diarrhoea

Koea, dysentery

Kohari, to be in pain

Kohoi, thin; lean

Koipuipu, to be sore in the feet from walking. Syn. with Ipuipu

Kokeke, lameness

Koki, limping

Koko, lean; thin

Komaoa, raw state of the mouth; an ulceration

Komiromiro, stomach ache. He komiromiro o te ngakau. Stomach ache from eating Pitau or cooked fern tree

Konao, diarrhæa

Kongenge, belonging to sickness or disease; rheumatism

Kopa, lameness

Koparu, crushed; bruised

Kope, loss of the sense of smelling from a violent cold

Kopeke, costiveness

Kopiri, lameness of the feet

Kopito, pain in the abdomen

Kopupu, blister

Kopurua, swelling of the abdomen; dropsy

Koputa, blister

Korangaranga, to be in pain

Korere, dysentery

Korewarewa, disease which spread over the island about forty years ago and carried off great numbers; whole families were buried in the same grave; it commenced with violent purging, the hair of the head and eyebrowsentirely came off; it originated in the North of the island

Koripi, diarrhæa

Korongenge, to be benumbed

Kotere, swelling; dysentery

Kotiuru, headache

Kupa, to belch

Kuruenga, running of the nose, with a loss of the sense of smelling. Syn. with Hupe and Kope

page 87

Maeingi, dysentery

Mahaki, disease of the skin

Mahihore, flayed; peeled

Mahore, broken, as the skin

Mahorehore o te Kiri, a peeling of the skin

Mahu, to be healed

Maki, sick person

Makoko, name of a very fatal pestilence which carried off great numbers of the natives

Mamae, painful

Manawanawa, to sneeze

Mangeo, itching

Mangio, to burn; to itch

Mangiongio, chilblain

Mania, to be on edge, as the teeth; to be jarred

Mare, cough or cold

Marere, to fall; to die

Karu, to be bruised; killed

Matakoma, swollen

Matangerengere, benumbed; cramped

Matangurunguru, numbness

Matapo, blind

Matarekereke, to be benumbed

Mate, sickness

Matenga, death sickness

Materawa, severe illness; death

Matengatenga, to be sore or benumbed; to be cramped

Matihe, to sneeze

Matorutoru, benumbed

Matutu, to be well; to be convalescent

Mauiui, weariness

Menemene, to hackle; to cough

Momoe, to blink; to wink

Motu, cut; severed

Muna, Munamuna, ringworm; a circular scab

Mungutu, scab; a swelling of the head and entire body

Mutumutu, kind of leprosy; when the first joint of the fingers and toes fall off

Nanakia, gnawing, as pain

Nanati, Natinati, to be tight or contracted

Natu, to scratch

Natunatu, to scratch

Nawe, scar; a burn

Ngahoahoa, headache

Ngaoko, to itch

Ngaruru, headache

Ngau, to bite

Ngene, scrofula of the neck; the Goitre

Ngenge, weariness

Ngerengere, swelling of the eyeball; the leprosy; said to be communicated by the touch

Ngerengeremumutu, swelling of the head from the heat of the sun, which causes blood to flow from the nose

Ngoikore, weakness; infirmity

Ngongengonge, lame man; a cripple

Ngongo, sick person; to waste away; to grow thin

Ngoni, extreme weakness

page 88

Ngungu, hump backed person

Nguturiwa, hair lip; a split lip

Nohu, sinking with pain

Nonoti, to strangle

Nope, gnawing pain

Nuke, to be bent; crooked

Oka, to bleed

Okeoke, to be weak; restless; a sick person

Paeoki, consumption of the lungs

Pahoahua, headache

Pahore, graze

Pahunu, to burn

Pahupahu, fester

Paipai, ringworm; it is also applied to the excoriations of infants, to chafings, &c.

Pakira, bald person

Pakiwara, venereal disease

Pakoko, barren; fruitless

Panapana, to throb

Papahanga, sore eyes

Papahewa, sore eyes

Paparewa, thin; emaciated

Para, to be affected with pimples

Pararutiki, naturalized word generally applied to a kind of chicken pox

Paroparo, withered; decayed

Parori, sprain

Patito, scald head

Patotoi, to be chapped

Pawera, fever

Piko, hump back

Poauau, ague

Poe, Poepoe, complaint of the eye

Pohe, blindness

Pokapoka, scrofulous sores

Pokapoka o te kanohi, bursting of the lachrymal duct, &c.

Porangi, deranged person. Syn. with Haurangi

Porewarewa, mad person

Potete, deranged person

Poupou, boils on the skin

Pouturi, deafness

Puhipuhi, swelling and scabs

Puhoi, deaf

Pukaki, scrofulous swelling of the neck

Puku, swelling or boil, not broken

Pumuka, to stab

Puni, retention of urine

Pupuhi, swelling

Pura o te kanohi, blindness; a film mote

Raku, scratch

Rakuraku, cutaneous eruption. Syn. with Hikihaki

Rangiroro, giddiness

Raupa, sore or crack of the skin

Raurau. Syn. with Parukotiki

Rekareka, itching

Renga, secretion of the eye

Rewarewa, sickness; an epidemic; influenza attended with violent pains of the head, throat, and chest. Syn. with Korewarewa

Ringamutu, kind of leprosy. Syn. with Mutumutu

Ro, matter

page 89

Roke, indurated fæces

Roromi, infanticide

Rou, club foot. Syn. with Ape

Ruaki, sickness; vomiting

Ruwa, weary

Taeawa, cold; catarrh

Tahu o te kiri, fever

Taipo, deranged person

Takarau, venereal disease. Syn. with Pakiwara

Takoki, sprain. Syn. with Parori

Tangorongoro, blister

Tanihi, blind of one eye

Tanoe, sprain; rheumatism

Tanoni, sprain

Tanuku, internal pain

Tapa, chapped

Tarakura, complaint on the skin

Tare, to groan

Taringaturi, deafness

Taru, disease

Taruku, dysentery

Tatao, to bleed from the nose

Taui, swelling in the foot from walking

Tawiri, sprain

Tengatenga, cramp

Teteka, benumbed

Tetere, swelling

Tihe, Tihewa, Tiia, to sneeze

Tikuku, dysentery

Tingara, name of a pestilence which formerly visited this island and carried off great numbers

Tioro, to be jarred

Tipu, scrofulous sores. Syn, with Pokapoka

Tiputa, scrofulous sore; swelled eyes

Titere, swelling. Syn. with Kotere

Titupu, chapping of the skin

Tiwa, slight baldness; to squint

Tokatoka, cutaneous eruption

Tokeroa, thin, lean person

Tokohana, Tokomaori, hiccough

Tona, wart

Tongako, scabbed; festered

Toretore, inflamation of the eyes

Toriwai, watery eyes

Toriwaitia, to be affected with watery eyes

Toroea, dysentery

Torotini, dysentery

Tote, Totete, to limp

Toto, to bleed

Touwa, to swell

Tuarapiko, bent person

Tuhauwiri, shaking with cold

Tunga, toothache

Tungapuku, gum boil; a swelled cheek

Tungaraupapa, toothache

Tupua, fester. Syn. with Hetu

Turi, deafness

Turingongengone, lameness; weakness in the knee

Turiwataitai, benumbed; a shivering

page 90

Turiwetautau, benumbed

Turorirori, to shake; to totter, as the legs of a sick person

Turoro, sick person

Tuwenua, kind of leprosy. Syn. with Ringamutu

Uruumu, swelling

Waea, weary

Waehaua, lame person

Wahangu, dumb

Waihakihaki, disease of the skin; the itch

Wakaahu, to swell

Wakahemo, to consume or waste away

Wakahemohemo, to attend to a person in his last illness

Wakaka, rheumatic fever

Wakakikiwa, to blink the eyes, as in pain

Wakamahu, to heal

Wakamamae, to cause pain

Wakangaromia, to choke

Wakaomoomo, to attend upon a sick person

Wakaraaki, to make sick

Wango, groan

Wango, defective in speech

Warehaua, lame person

Waro, cough

Watero, to put out the tongue

Waturama, rupture

Wawati, chap on the skin

Weminga, sneezing

Weoro, to be jarred

Wera, burn; a scald

Wewe, boil which has burst.