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A Leaf from the Natural History of New Zealand

Of A Canoe

Of A Canoe.

E a, to be hauled on shore as a canoe

Haumi, piece of wood by which the body of a canoe is lengthened; the joint by which it is connected to the canoe

Hautu, a man, who stands in a canoe to keep time for the rowers

Honga, strip of wood on the side of a canoe

Hirau, paddle

Hoe, paddle

Hokai, stay or brace

Hutihuti, rape

Ihu, head of a ship or boat

Kaituki, captain of a canoe

Kaupapa, fleet

Kei, stern of a canoe

Koke, to go ahead, as a canoe

Kopapa, small canoe

Koki, small canoe

Komaru, sail of a ship or canoe

Konia, canoe

Kopapa, canoe

Kopiupiu, to swing, as a vessel to her anchor

Koporo, square sterned canoe or boat

Korea, small canoe

Kotokoto, sheet of a sail; the sprit

Mama, to leak

Mamaru, sail of a canoe or ship

Manu, to float

Moki, canoe, made of raupo; a raft

Neke, skid, upon which canoes are dragged into the sea; a canoe

Niao, gunwale of a canoe or boat

Noko, stern of a canoe

Oe, paddle

Pahua, board sewed on the body of the canoe

Paremata, stern of a vessel

Pinaku, war canoe

Pitau, war canoe with a carved stern

Punga, anchor; a stone used as an anchor

Purengi, stay for a mast

Puwenua, stay for a mast

Ra, sail of a canoe or boat; it includes the mast, which, separately, is called the rakau

Rahiri, rope

Rango, skid; a piece of wood laid upon the ground, over which boats or canoes are dragged

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Rapa, stern part of a canoe; carved stern

Ranawa, side boards of a canoe. Syn. with Pahua

Rauwawa, boards sewed on the body of a canoe. Syn. with Pahua

Rere, to sail

Rewa, mast

Riu, interior of a canoe

Ta, vessel to bale water with in a canoe; also to bale

Ta, carved stern of a canoe

Takere, keel

Takotokoto, sprit of a sail

Tangere, keel of a ship or canoe

Tangi, to bale water

Tata, vessel with which water is baled out of a canoe

Tatai, to ornament with feathers

Tau, carved stern of a canoe

Taumaru, cross bars of a canoe

Taurua, double canoe

Tawai, canoe, without attached sides

Tete, figure head of a canoe; a war canoe

Tiheru, vessel with which to bale a canoe

Tiratu, mast of a native sail

Tirou, to steer a canoe by dashing the paddle into the water and drawing it towards one

Titoko, sprit of a sail

Tiwai, small canoe, having no carved stern

Tokai, strip of wood which covers the joint of the sides of a canoe

Toko, pole, to shove with

Tuki, song during the time of rowing a canoe

Tute, to shove with a pole

U, to arrive by water

Umere, song, repeated in dragging a canoe

Uruku. Syn. with Taurua

Urunga, Urungi, rudder, or steering paddle

Uta, to put on board a ship or canoe

Wahu, sheets of a sail

Waka, canoe

Wakaheke, rope

Wakarei, carved work, at the head and stern of a canoe

Wakarewa, to cause to float; to launch

Wakawito, sail for a canoe or boat.