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A Leaf from the Natural History of New Zealand

Manufactured Substances, Apparel, &c

Manufactured Substances, Apparel, &c.

Aho, string; cord; the cross threads of a mat

Aronui, mat

Aute, band for the hair made from the bark of a tree

Hakihaki, worn out mat

Hakuku, to scrape flax

Hana, mat

Hanahana, garment besmeared with red ochre and oil

Haro, flax scraped with a shell

Haronga, short garment for rough weather; a garment made from the coarse part of flax

Hei, ornament for the neck; a chain of beads

Heitiki, ornament for the neck, made of greenstone

page 70

Heru, comb

Hitau, a small narrow mot for the waist

Hou, feather worn as an ornament in the hair

Hukahuka, strings of a mat

Huru, dogskin mat

Hutihuti, a rope

Ihupuni, dogskin mat

Itau, garment worn round the waist

Kaha, rope

Kahu, garment

Kaitaka, bordered mat

Kaka, Kakahu, garment

Kapara, comb

Kapeu, an ornament of green stone

Karau, comb

Karawai, knot of thread

Karure, to twist flax

Katekate, small mat to cover the shoulders

Kauko, side border

Koheuheu, fan

Koka, native mat

Koriranga, mat; strings of a mat which are not twisted

Koroai, mat with black tags

Korohe, large garment

Korohunga, mat

Kurupatu, border of a garment

Mapara, comb

Maro, small apron worn on the naked body in battle

Miro, thread

Miri, black mat

Moko, tooth of the shark; so called worn as an ear ornament

Muka, flax

Napenga, act of weaving; a piece of work which has been wove

Ngeri, rough native mat

Ngetangata, worn out mat

Ngore, mat. Syn. with Tatata

Paipairoa, mat with a border

Pake, rough mat made of flax leaves. Syn. with Haronga. Strings of a mat

Paki, small garment for the waist

Pakipaki, mat

Pakurakura, red garment

Para, mat

Parawai, mat

Pare, bandage for the head; an ornament

Pareare, Parekereke, Parengarenga, snow shoe; a covering for the sole of the foot; a sandal

Pata, native mat

Patai, garment worn round the waist

Patapata, strings of a mat

Patutu, garment, of which the inner part is wove flax, and upon this strips of prepared dogskin are sewed

Pauku, native garment

Pekapeka, ornament for the ear

Pekerangi, a mat

Pekerere, small garment for the shoulders

page 71

Pihepihe, small narrow mat for the waist

Pingao, belt, made from a plant of that name

Pingau, strings of a mat

Pohoi, bunch of feathers worn in the ear

Pokai, ball of twine

Pongi, native girdle

Porera, floor mat for sleeping on

Potae, covering for the head

Puihihi, strings of a mat

Pureki. Syn. with Koko. A rough outer mat with loose flax stalks outside

Pute, Putea, a bag; a basket

Puweru, native mat

Reke, top knot; the hair of the head tied up in a bunch

Reko, white dogskin mat

Remu, hem or border of a garment

Rena, to be stretched out as a garment

Repa, mat

Routu, comb; made from the wood of a tree of that name

Ruruku, girdle; a band

Taheha, small mat

Taniko, embroidered border of a garment

Tapa, thin cloth (qy. is it a N. Z. word?)

Tarahau, mat. Syn. with Haronga

Tatara, mat

Tatara, mat

Tatua, girdle. Syn. with Witiki

Tau, string; as of a garment

Taupiko, ornament of green stone

Taura, rope

Tihei, garment

Tihitihi, mat

Tihore, flax; scraped with the nail

Tiki, green jade ornament

Tipuna, knot

Titaha, mat

Toi, black rough mat; like the thatch of a house

Topuni, dogskin mat

Tuahau, rough mat. Syn. with Pake

Turuturuparawai, sticks to which the web of the mat is fastened in weaving

Ukiuki, hen

Waihinau, mat

Wakaewa, strings of a mat

Wakaheke, rope

Wakakai, ornament for the ear

Wara, mat; used as a carpet

Warariki, Wariki, mat; used as a carpet; a word applied to any covering of a floor, whether fern or grass, or branches of trees

Watu, web of the mat

Watunga, piece of work which is being wove

Uenu, loose, unwove threads

Werotaringa, rough mat. Syn. with Ngeri

Weruweru, garment of any kind

page 72

Weweru, garment. Syn. with Weruweru

Witiki, girdle; belt. Syn. with Tatua.