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A Leaf from the Natural History of New Zealand

Time, (in continuation)

Time, (in continuation)

Ahiahi, evening

Ahiahitanga, time of evening

Aianei, to-day; directly

Ake, onwards, either in time or space

Akeakeake, Akenei, henceforth

Akengokengo, to-morrow

Akenoi, until

Akuanei, this evening; presently

Amua, Amuri, hereafter

Anamata, hereafter

Ao, day; light

Aoake, next day

Aoinaake, day after to-morrow

Aongaake, following day

Aotea, when the sun has been up some time

Apopo, to-morrow

Arohirohi, fine day: the quivering heat of the sun when it shines on a clear summer's day; mirage

Ata, morning

Atahapara, break of day

Atapo, before it is light

Atarau, moonlight

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Atatu, break of day

Atetahi ra, day after to-morrow

Awaki, day after; two days after to-morrow

Awaki nui atu, three days after to-morrow

Awatea, daylight; noon

Hinakipouri, quite dark

Hotoke, winter

Huaki, dawn

Hutoke, winter

Inaianei, to-day; just now

Inakuara, a little while ago

Inamata, formerly; quickly; immediately

Inanahi, yesterday

Inangeto, quickly

Inaoake, three days ago

Inaoakenui, four days ago

Inapo, last night

Inatahi ra, day before yesterday

Ina tetahi ra, three days ago

Ina waki, four days ago

Ina waki nui atu, five days ago

Ite awatea, at daybreak

Ka tu te ra, noon

Kua po, the day is ended

Kua riko te ra, the sun has waned

Kua titaha te ra, the sun has declined

Maruao, dawn of day

Maru po, midnight

Meake, soon; presently

Nomua, before; formerly

Nonaianei, to-day

Nonakuara, little while ago

Nonamata, long time ago

Nonanahi, yesterday

Nonao ake, day before yesterday

Nonaoakenui, three days ago

Nonapo, last night

O mua, formerly

Parawea, noon

Po, night; also a season

Po hotoke, winter season

Po raumati, summer season

Puaotanga, time of dawn

Ra, daylight; a day

Raumati, summer

Rehurehu, to decline, as the sun

Riko, to wane, as the moon

Rikoriko, dark; twilight

Takiri, dawn of day

Takurua, winter

Taro, short time; soon

Tau, a year

Tetahi wahi, moment

Tirakiraki te hua, full moon

Toene, to set; as the sun

Toenetanga, act or time of sitting

Wa, time; season

Wawe, suddenly