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A Leaf from the Natural History of New Zealand



Araporaka, stilts

Haka, dance

Kahu, native kite; made in shape like a bird, of reeds stitched together

Kaihora, whippingtop; much the same as the European one, only rather longer

Kaihotaka. Syn. with Kaihora

Kanikani, dance of a jeering character

Kokiri, pole: flattened on the top for a person to stand on, and inclined over deep water; a favorite amusement to run up to the top, and then jump into the water

Kopere, to sling by a stick with a piece of string tied to the end of it

Kotaha, sling

Mawi, game something like cat's cradles; the cord being made to assume the form of houses, canoes, and men; Mawi was its author; it appears to be connected with ancient tradition

Meke, pugilistic game

Morere, swing; a lofty pole with ropes attached to its top

Moto, to fight with the fist

Mu, draughts: an introduced game

Neti, game of skill, in which young men try who can dart a fern stalk to the greatest distance along the surface of the ground

Ngaoreore-tamaiti, nursery song

Pakau, Pakaukau, Syn. with Kahu

Patere, dance in a canoe

Piu, to skip; a skipping rope

Poi, ball, with a string appended, with which it is played; a game with the hands also

Ponokawakawa, game

Porotiti, game which consists in twirling about a small oval piece of wood

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Potaka. Syn. with Kaihora

Pouturu, stilts

Raratuna, game

Rorekiore, game

Ruriruri, native play of singing in chorus

Ta, whip for a top

Takaro, general name for play; also, to wrestle

Tureureu, game

Tau, game

Tauramaki, game which is played in deep water, by two persons trying who can keep the other longest under water

Ti, game played with the fingers

Tutukai, played with a number of stones; a game consisting of the opening and shutting of the fingers and bending the arm in a certain manner, and uttering the whole of the following words at a breath:—Ka tahi tikarua, ka haramai tapati tapato reka rau ua ka noho te kiwi ka pohe wa tautau topi topa ka huia mai ka toko te rangi kai ana te wetu kai ana te marama o te tui e rere ra runga o te pera peka o hua kauere turakina te are to wiwi wawa ke ke ke te manu kei Taupiri

Tutungarau, to dance the war dance.