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A Leaf from the Natural History of New Zealand

Houses, &c

Houses, &c.

Amohanga, elevated platform for food; the posts of a Wata

Anga, aspect of a house or garden

Arahanga, bridge or ladder

page 74

Arai, shade; a screen

Arawata, bridge; a ladder

Au, Awe, smoke soot; these two are added, as they are inseparable adjuncts to every native house

Hamoko, opening between the small bundles of raupo which form the sides of a house

Hangi, oven

Hapoki, potatoe house

Haurangi, verandah

Heke, rafter

Hereumu, cooking house

Herupe, top of a window

Hoka, screen, made of bushes

Hopekiwi, potatoe house under ground

Hopi, native oven

Hau, screen from the wind

Huahua, rails of a fence

Ikuiku, eaves of a house

Kaeaea, verandah; the image over the centre of the verandah

Kaho, battens

Kakaka, fern stalks, used in building

Kamuri, cooking house or shed

Kangatungatu, verandah

Karahu, oven

Karapi, sticks put crossways in building a house to keep the reeds or rushes in their places

Karawa, bed in a garden

Karupe, lintel of a door

Kauae, beam of a building

Kauta, cooking house or shed

Kawawa, palings of a fence

Kereteki, outer fence of a fortified village

Koaka, floor mat

Koihi, verandah

Kokonga, corner

Komanga, stage upon which food is kept in store

Konakitanga, corner. Syn. with Kokonga

Konao, oven

Kopa, oven

Kopae, house ornamented with carved work

Kopanga, inner corner

Kopuha, small house

Korere, funnel or spout

Kori, native oven

Koronae, stile

Koropu, house

Kotopihi, window

Kuhu, cooking house

Kuhunga, hiding place

Kukaware, soot

Kurupae, joist or sleeper of a house

Kuwaha, verandah

Mahau, verandah

Maehe, fence; verandah

Maihi, verandah; the facing boards of the roof of a native house

Marae, verandah; an enclosure in a pa belonging generally to one individual or family; properly the space before the Tohunga's house

Matapihi, window

page 75

Matatara, dam for water

Moa, bed in a garden

Nati, to tie up raupo in constructing the walls of a house

Nehe, rafter of a house

Ngawaewae, door posts

Nohoanga, seat

Okeoke, oven

Pa, fortified place; a name taken from the fence which surrounds the village

Paenga, site to build upon; a boundary

Paepae, threshold

Pahoka, screen from the wind

Pahuki, shade or screen

Pakahokaho, skirting board of the verandah

Pakitara, walls of a house

Pakorokoro, stile; fence

Pakuka, screen from the wind Syn. with Pahoka

Paparahi, stage upon which kumara are dried

Pare, carving above the door

Paru, coat of raupo on the walls of a house

Pataka, store house raised upon posts; a stage upon which food is laid up in store; an enclosure

Patakitaki, dividing board inside

Patengitengi, house wherein kumara are kept

Patu, wall of a house

Patutu, screen

Pehipehi, sill of a door frame

Pekirangi, outer fence of a pa

Pihi, watertight; as a house

Pikitara, house

Poro, to be flat, as a roof

Poti, inner corner, as of a room

Pou, post for a house or fence

Poupou, side posts of the house

Poutahu, middle post inside

Poutokomanawa, centralpost of the verandah

Puni, shed for a taua or hakai

Raihi, small enclosure; a pig stye

Rara, stage

Ri, Rianga, screen

Roau, rail

Rona, to put mangemange upon the roof of a native house

Ropa, fortified village

Roro, verandah

Rua, storehouse

Ruakoauau, kumara store

Ruatahuhu, potatoe store

Ruatirawa, store, the floor of which is excavated

Rueke, verandah

Taepa, fence

Tahu, Tahuhu, ridge pole

Taiepa, fence. Syn. with Taepa

Takipai, rails of a fence

Takapau, floor mat

Takitaki, fence. Syn. with Taiepa

page 76

Tangotango, rails of a fence

Tapatu, to roof a house

Tapi, oven

Tara, walls

Tarahu, oven

Taraware, storehouse for kumara

Tata, Tatara, fence

Tatau, door

Tatauhauhunga, window

Taumahi, small tower of a fortified village; facing boards of the roof of a house

Taura, little piece of wood which fastens the window

Tautari, to tie up reeds to the side of a house

Tawaha, bed in a garden

Teki, outer fence of a pa

Tekoteko, figure placed at the top of the gable end of a native house

Tia, peg

Tienga, floor mat

Tihokahoka, shed

Timanga, stage upon which food is placed. Syn. with Wata, Pataka

Toko, side post of a window

Tuahau, sacred house

Tuanui, roof of a house

Tuaroa, Tuarongo, back part of a house

Tuhi, stitching of the reeds

Tumatakihou, smaller side posts between the large ones

Tumatapu, small binding batten

Tumu, Tumutumu, posts

Tuparuparu, to build with raupo

Tupuni, to build up the sides of a house. Syn. with Tuparuparu

Tutaka, carved ridge pole of the verandah

Tuturu, door post; to leak, as through the roof

Tuwaru, stuffing of the walls

Tuwatawata, fence

Uhi, to thatch

Ukiuki, verandah

Urupa, fence round a grave

Waitoka, doorway

Wakairo, carving

Wakamahau, verandah

Wakamarumaru, screen from the wind

Wakaporo, tops of the posts of the pa cut to represent the heads of their enemies

Wakarawa, fastener for a door

Wakaruru, screen

Wana, upright sticks of a fence; battens

Wao, nails

Warariki, mat used as a carpet

Warau, temporary sleeping shed

Ware, house

Warekohuku, house with a gable end

Warepuni, good house; a warm house; a sleeping house

page 77

Waretuturu, house with a hipped roof

Wareumu, cooking house

Warewarau, shed

Wata, stage on which food is kept. Syn. with Timanga

Watitoka, doorway

Wawa, fence.