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A Leaf from the Natural History of New Zealand



Aihe, a large fish 24 feet long; small head like a porpoise with similar teeth; yields a large quantity of oil. Syn. with Rarihi

Araara, a fish like the Kahawai

Atuhakona, a fish

Ature, a sea fish

Aturere, a fish

Atutai, a sea fish

Aua, a small fish

Awa, like a roach; a sea fish frequenting rivers. Syn. with Takeke

Awa, a small fish found in tidal rivers

Awapaka, a fish

Angengi, a fish

Hahari, a fish

Hahau, a fish

Hako, a large fish, like a salmon in shape. (Brosmiui venustus)

Haku, like the tamure found at Kapiti

Hapuku, cod

Hatoketoke, young eel

Hawiwi, young eel

Hekemai, large shark

Hepara, rock trout. (Galaxias alepidotus)

Hiwihiwi, a fish

Hopuhopu, porpoise

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Huamutu, a fish

Hue, a fish

Ihe, a scaleless fish 4 inches long, full of oil, much prized. Syn. with Takeke

Inanga, a small fresh water fish, found in Taupo and most rivers, 3 to 6 inches long, has scales. (Elacotris basalis)

Kahawai, like a mackarel

Kanae, mullet. (Mugil fosteri)

Karahu, a fish

Karohi, a very small scaly fish in tidal rivers

Kauwaitaiea, large eel

Kawia, a fish

Kawiri, a fish

Kehe, a fish

Koaro, a small fresh water fish, 3 inches long, much prized, found in most rivers and in Rotoairo and Taupo.

Koheru, a fish

Kohihoi, a fish. (Haemerocaetes acanthorhynchus)

Kohua, eel

Koinga, a species of shark

Koiro, Conger eel

Kiriri, a rough skinned fish with one or two spines which it can elevate at pleasure, springing from its back, it grunts like a pig

Kokopu, a scaly fish, found in Taupo and most rivers, from 5 to 9 inches long and rather thick in proportion

Kokopu, a scaleless fresh water fish, as large as the Kahawai.

Kopakopa, a large eel

Kopaopao, an eel

Kopuatotara, a fish. Syn. with Kopuawai

Kopuawai, round fish covered with spines. (Diodona Globulas)

Kopuhuri, a fish. Syn. with Kahawai

Koputaputa, fish bladder

Koroama, a fish

Korowawa, a fish

Kotoretore, sea anemone

Kouarea, snapper like a bream

Koukauka, a fish. Syn. with Kahawai

Koura, sea cray fish; it attains a very large size. (Potomobius)

Koura, cray fish found in most fresh water streams; it is about four inches long. In Rotorua lake it attains a length of nearly eight inches.

Kowaitau, a fish. Syn. with Kahawai

Kowiti, a fish

Kuai, a fish

Kumu, a fish. (Trigla Papilionacea)

Kumukumu, a red fish; it derives its name from grunting like a pig. (Trigla Papilionacea)

Kungongingongi, a fish, Syn with Kahawai

page 14

Kuparu, a fish. (Pagrus latus)

Kuruhunga, a fish

Mahoa, a fish. (Platessa Scapha)

Makawito, a small sea fish like the herring. Syn. with the Auture

Mako, a shark peculiar to this latitude, teeth prized as ear ornaments

Manga, a long beautiful fish with few scales; the Baracoota

Mangonui, pike-headed or black physeter whale

Mango, shark

Mangopare, hammer-headed shark

Maomao, a fish

Marari, like a mackarel

Maratea, a fish

Maru, a small fish found in tidal rivers

Maru, a very small sea fish

Mata, a red fish

Matawa, a large sea fish larger than the shark

Mimiha, black whale

Mohi, a sea fish found at Kapiti

Mohiaru, a fish. Fam. Discoboli. (Lepadogastus pinnulatus)

Moki, a fine sea fish. (Latris ciliaris)

Nauhuri, a small fresh water fish

Ngaiore, a small fresh water fish

Ngakoikoi, a fish

Ngauri, a small fresh water fish

Ngehe, a rock fish; curiously spotted white and brown

Ngehi, a fish

Ngoetoeto, species of eel

Ngoiro, conger eel. Syn. with Koiro

Ngohengohe, a fish. Syn. with Pangohengohe

Ngohiwe, species of eel

Ngu, a sea fish; the squid

Ngutukao, a fish

Oke, species of shark

Orea, species of eel

Oru, large stingaree

Paewai, large eel

Pakake, black whale

Pakaurua, stingy ray; the wound inflicted by this fish is frequently mortal. Puhi a Taupo chief was killed by a stingy ray. (Raia rostrata)

Pakirikiri like a perch or a haddock

Pakurakura, a fish

Pangarangara, a fish

Pangoengoe, a fresh water fish, 4 to 8 inches long; scaleless. Syn. with Papangoko

Pangohengohe, a scaleless fish 6 inches long

Pangoungou, a fish

Papaka, a fish found at Putiki; a crab

Papaka crab; there are two kinds, both very small

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Papaki, kind of cat fish having two curious projectors like feet, and the ventral fins united

Papana, a fish

Papangoke, a fresh water fish 4 to 8 inches long; scaleless. Syn. with Pangoengoe

Parae, a fish

Parake, a fish. Syn. with Takeke

Parakoko, a fish Syn. with Takeke

Parakoko, a fish

Paratohe, a sea fish

Paratuna, a fish. Syn. with Kokopu

Paraua, sperm whale

Parekirikiri, a fish. (Labrus pæcilopleura)

Parera, a fish

Parikou, species of eel

Parohea, a small fish

Parore, a fish

Paru, a fish

Patangatanga, a red fish

Patiki, a flat fish found in the rivers. (Rhombus plebeius)

Pawerawera, a beautiful red fish with streaks

Pihapiharau, a lamprey which ascends the rivers from the sea to their source; it has no bones, but an ugly head, which enlarges as it recedes from the sea, when it attains three times its natural size; it is much esteemed; eats like the sardine; its mouth like a leech, but has teeth

Piharau, lamprey. Syn. with Pihapiharau

Pikitara, species of eel

Piokeoke, small shark

Puhaiao, small fish spotted white and red

Puhanga, eel

Puhi, species of eel

Puhikorokoro, species of eel

Pura, a fish

Puraruraru, red fish streaked with spines on the back and gills; it is not eaten

Putaiore, small eel

Puwaiau, a fish. Syn. with Kumukumu

Rari, a fish

Rarihi, a fish. Syn. with Aihe

Raukura, a fish

Rarihi, a fish. Syn. with Aihe

Raukura, a fish

Raumarie, a beautiful fish shaped like a mackarel

Rawaru, a fish. Syn. with Hapuku and Pakirikiri; also a large Kokopu

Repo, stingaree

Reremai, shark

Rerepari, cray fish; the crab

Ringatawaka, eel

Roha, stingaree

Roroai, a fresh water fish

Rota, a fish

Ruahine, large eel

Tahimaro, large eel

Tahimaro, large eel

Taiharakeke, red eel found at the roots of flax

Takeke, a small fresh water fish

page 16

Takeke, a fish. Syn. with Tikiheme

Takeke, smelt; a sea fish frequenting rivers; very small. Syn. with Awa.

Takeketonga, unicorn fish

Takiekie, eel

Tamure, snapper; like a bream. Syn. with Kouarea

Tarao, scaleless fish as large as the Kahawai. Syn. with Kokopu

Tarau, a fish. Syn. with Tarao

Tarekihi, a beautiful flat silvery fish with a black spot on the back

Tatera, a fish. Syn. with Ururoa

Tauwauwau, a fish

Tawaka, fish like a shark

Tawatawa, mackarel

Tawatawa, a fish. Syn. with Tawatawa

Tikihemi, scaleless fish 4 in. long; full of oil, much prized. Syn. with Ihe and Takeke

Timaariki, small eel

Tohitohi, a sea fish

Tohora, black whale

Tohoroa, black whale

Toiki, species of shark

Toke, a fish

Torere, small kind of stingy ray

Torewai, fresh water fish

Toruhi, a fish

Totoke, a fish

Totorongu, a small fish found in tidal rivers

Tuatina, a fish. Syn. with Ururoa.

Tuaweta, a variety of the Inanga

Tuna, eel; found two yards long, and as thick as a man's thigh; it is then called Ruahine

Tuoro, large headed eel; it is said to attack man

Tupoupou, porpoise

Tutuira, small stingaree

Uoro, eel

Upokohue, porpoise; like a small whale

Upokororo, scaly fish; 1 ½ ft. long; like a kahawai

Ururoa, species of shark; 8 ft. long; very voracious

Waerau, cray fish

Wai, stingaree

Waiaua, a fish. Syn. with Upokohue

Waiehu, a fish

Waikeo, a fish

Waingenge, shark

Wairepo, stingaree

Wakatupua, a fish

Wakawaiata a fish

Wapuku, cod. Syn. with Hako.

Warawara, black whale

Warehenga, a fish found at Kapiti

Warehou, a highly prized sea fish which attains a length of two feet, and breadth of eighteen inches. Syn. with Warehenga.

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Warepu, species of shark

Wareware, a fish

Wariwari, a fish. Syn. with Takeke

Weke, a sea fish of Taranaki.