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A Leaf from the Natural History of New Zealand



Hakoakoa, sea bird

Hawe, a sea bird as large as a goose; it has large skeleton feathers, which are highly prized as ornaments; it is only found near the Reinga

Hihi, a bird like the koromiko

Hihipopokero, a small brown bird with a white head, resembling the Canary. (Turdus albifrons)

Hioi, ground lark. (Ptilocinctatis.) Syn. with Kotihi

Ho-i-ho, penguin. Fam. Alcidæ. (Eudyptes antipodes)

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Huia, a beautiful black bird, size of the jay; its tail feathers tipped with white; two little fleshy lappets under the beak. Fam. Upupidæ. (Neomorpha, genus, Melliphagus)

Hurukiwi, wild duck

Kahu, large hawk. (Falco harpe)

Kaiaia, hawk

Kaka, large brown parrot; the first bird that cries in a morning. Fam. Psittacidoe. (Nestor meridionalis)

Kakapo, ground parrot; it does not fly although it has wings, but hops from branch to branch; it is quite as large as a fowl; its colour is green and yellow, with black whiskers; it is a night bird, and extremely rare in the Northern Island. The natives state there are two kinds, one of which is larger than the Kiwi

Kakariki, green parrot. Fam. Psittacidæ. (Platycerus Novae Zelandicae)

Kakatai, a bird

Kakatarepo, a bird

Kao, a sea bird seen on shore only in the night

Karearea, hawk

Karewarewa, sparrow hawk. (Falco brunnea.) Syn. with Kauaua. Ka tangi te Karewarewa ki waenga te rangi pai ka ua apopo. Ka tangi ki waenga o te rangi ua ka paki apopo

Karoro, a sea bird. Ka paoa te karoro

Karuhiruhi, a bird

Katatai, a kind of rail. (Ralus assimilis)

Kataitai, a bird. Fam. Fringillidae alauda. (Novæ Zelandiæ)

Kauau, shag or cormorant. Fam. Pelicanidæ. (Grancalus carunculatus)

Kauaua, sparrow-hawk

Kawekawea, a bird of passage. Syn. with Kohoperoa

Kereru, wood pigeon. (Columbus Spadicea)

Kikimutu, a bird

Kiwi, Apterix Australis. Fam. Struthionidæ. Syn. with Kiwikiwi

Koekoea, a bird of passage. Syn, with Kohoperoa

Kohihi, a land bird. Fam. Cuculidæ. (Endynamys taitensis)

Kohoperoa, a bird of passage; the New Zealand cuckoo; it has a long tail, and spotted like the sparrow-hawk; its appearance a token for the kumara planting

Kokako, a black bird; the New Zealand crow. Fam. Corvicallaeas cinerea. (Glaucopia.) Syn. with Kakako

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Koko, the mocking or parson bird. (Arthoceros.) Syn. with Tui

Kokoka, a bird

Kokomako, a bird. Fam. Meliphagidæ. The chief singing bird of the New Zealand grove. (Anthornis melanura)

Kokoreke, quail. Syn. with Koutareke

Kokorimoko, the sweetest songster of the New Zealand grove. Syn. with Korimoko. Genus Melliphagus

Kokotai, a little land bird

Komiromiro, a little bird

Konini, a bird. Syn. with Kataitai. (Ralus assimilis)

Kopaopao, bell bird

Korimako, a bird. Syn. with Kopaopao

Korimoko, the chief singiny bird of New Zealand. Syn. with Kokorimoko

Korora, small green and white penguin. Fam. Alcidæ. (Epheniscus minor)

Korowatito, a little bird. Syn. with Matata

Kotare, kingfisher. Fam. Alcedinidæ. (Halcyon vagrans)

Kotaretare, a bird. Syn. with Kotare

Kotata, a bird

Kotihe, a bird. (Melliphaga cincta)

Kotihetihe, a variety of the korimako; white on the neck. (Philotis cincta)

Kotuku, large white crane, chiefly found in the Middle Island, but occasionally in the Northern. Kotahi ano te rerenga o te Kotuku

Koukou, an owl; small size; easily killed with a stick in the day. Syn. with Ruru

Koutareke, a little bird

Kuaka, a small sea bird frequenting the shores, resembling a snipe; much prized as food

Kuku, pigeon; this word is also used for the oil extracted from it, which is highly prized as food

Kukupa, pigeon. Syn. with Kereru

Kuruengo, the shoveller; a duck of Taupo

Kurupatu, a land bird; very tame; when he hears the beating of fern root he flies to the pa, and is killed

Kuweto, a bird

Makomako, a bird. Syn. with Korimako

Mata, fern or swamp sparrow a small brown bird with four long feathers in its tail; it is regarded as being sacred

Matapouri, teal

Matata, a swamp bird; its flight short; is easily killed with a stick. Syn. with Mata. Fam. Luscindae (Sphinacacus)

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Matuku, bittern. Fam. Ardcidæ. (Botaurus melanotus.) It makes three hollow cries at a time

Matukuhurepo, a bird, Syn. with Matuku

Miromiro, small land bird; very tame; can be caught by the hand. Fam. Museicapidæ. (Miro albifrons)

Mirotoitoi, Fam. Muscicapidæ. (Muscipeta toitoi)

Moa, supposed to be extinct. (Apterix giganteus.) The common name for the domestic fowl in all the domestic fowl in all the South Sea Islands

Moakerua, a black bird with red bill and feet; a fresh water bird; a water hen

Moakoru, very small rail

Moeriki, rail of the Chatham Isles. (Rallus Dieffenbachii)

Moho, rail; color black; said to be a wingless bird as large as a fowl, having a long bill; it is nearly exterminated by the cat; its cry was keo, keo

Mohoua, a bird. Fam. Certhidæ. (Ochrocephala)

Momohoua, a bird. Fam. Lasindæ. Syn. with Riroriro. (Carthiparus maculecordus)

Momoroua, small bird with a white head

Morunga, a bird

Motingitingi, a small land bird

Ngirungiru, a bird. Fam. Muscicapidæ? Syn. with Merotoitoi

Okioi, a land bird (perhaps the Pelican)

Okiuai, lark

Onge, bird

Pakura, a bird. Syn. with Pukeko

Papa awa, a bird

Parekareka, a social bird. Fam. Pelecaidæ. (Granculus auritus)

Parera, wild duck (Anas superciliosa)

Pekeha, a sea bird

Pi, young birds

Pihaua, a little black-and-white bird

Pihipihi, a bird

Pihoihoi, the New Zealand ground lark

Pimirumiru, hawk

Piopio, a little red land bird

Piopio, a bird of passage from the South. Fam. Turdidæ. (Turnagracrassirostris)

Pipiawa, a small bird

Pipipi, wren. Syn. with Riroriro. Ka tangi te Riroriro ko te raumati

Pipipi, turkey

Pipitori, a small land bird

Pipiwarauroa, a beautiful bird of passage, in its habits resembling the swallow; page 10 white breast, with green and gold lines; it lays its eggs in the nest of the fantail fly-catcher. Fam. Cuculidae. (Chrysococcyx lucidus)

Pipiwawaroa, a bird. Syn. with Pipiwarauroa. The Pipiwarauroa and the Kohoperoa are called birds of Hawaiki

Pirangirangi, the smallest New Zealand bird; color black and yellow. Syn. with Miromiro. (Muscicarpa)

Piripiri, a very small bird

Pitoitoi, a small sea bird

Pitoitoi, a small land bird

Piwakawaka, a bird. Fam. Muscicapidæ. (Rhipidura flabellifera)

Piwauwau, a bird. Fam. Certhidæ. (Acanthisit a tenui rostris)

Popokatea, New Zealand canary bird. Syn. with Mohoua. (Orthornyx heteroalytus)

Poporoihewa, a bird; bill long like a snipe; it destroyed the kumara; hence the saying, E haere ano te Poporoihewa, e noho ana te kiore

Popotai, small bird; rail

Popotai, a sea bird

Popotai, a land bird (extinct)

Poreterete, species of duck

Porihawa, a bird

Porohaua, a bird

Powaitere, green parrot. Syn. with Kakariki

Puetoeto, a bird living in swamps

Pukeko, a bird; red bill and feet; back black; breast bright blue; and white under the tail. (Porophyrio melanotus)

Pukunui, a bird. Fam. Charidridae. (Charactrius obscurus)

Pututangiatama, duck with a very short tail

Purourou, a bird. Fam. Sturnidae

Putangitangi, Paradise duck. Fam. Anatidae. (Casarca variegata)

Pututo, a bird. Syn. with Pukunui

Puweto, a bird

Reoreo, a sea bird

Rirerire, half-grown kiwi

Riroriro, wren. Fam. Luscindae. Syn. with Pipipi and Momohoua

Ruru, owl; a stupid bird; easily killed with a stick. Fam. Strigidae athene. (Novae Zelandiae)

Taia, a bird

Taiko, a sea bird. Syn. with Takupu

Takahikahi, a sea-shore bird Syn. with Tuturiwatu

Takupu, a bird. Syn. with Taiko

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Takupu, white gull; nankeen head

Tara, sea swallow. Pelecanidae. (Sula Australis)

Tarapo, night bird as large as a fowl; ground parrot. Syn. with Kakapo

Tarapunga, sea bird found at Taupo

Tataiato a small bird. Fam. Luscindae

Tatarihuka, a sacred bird; if killed it is said to cause rain or snow to fall

Tatariki, a small bird. Fam. Luscindae

Tatawai, a small land bird which cries in the night

Tawaki, large brown and white Penguin. Fam. Alcidae

Tei, brown widgeon

Teiwaka, teal or shoveller

Tewakawaka, fantail flycatcher. Fam. Muscica pidae Rhipidura flabellifera

Tiaki, a bird. Fam. Sturnidae

Tieki, a bird. Fam. Sturnidae. (Creadion carunculatus)

Tierawaki, a bird. Fam. Sturnidae

Tieutieu, a night bird

Tikaokao, barn-door fowl

Tiotio, a bird

Tirakaraka, small land bird

Titi, mutton bird; only heard on shore at night; lays inland in holes in the rocks one egg, and is very fat. Procellaria. (Pelecanoides urinatrix.) He manu wangainga tahi

Titimako, bell bird. Syn. with Korimako

Titipu, a sea bird

Titoitoi, a bird

Tiutiu, a night bird

Tiwaewaka, a very small bird

Toetoe, a bird. Fam. Luscindae. (Certhiparus Novae Zelandiae)

Toitoi, a bird. Fam. Fringillidae. (Fringilla albici)

Tokitoki, small duck; widgeon

Torea, a sea bird with red legs and beak. Fam. Chardridae. (Haematopus picatus)

Toroa, albatross. Fam. Procellaridae. (Diomedea exulans)

Toroa-hau-nui, black albatross

Totoara, bell bird. Syn. with Toutouai

Totawara, a bird. Syn. with Tatawai

Toutouai, a small black bird

Toutouwai, a small land bird which cries in the night

Tui, parson bird, also called the mocking bird; a beautiful black bird size of a thrush, with white delicate hair feathers under the throat. Fam. Meliphagidae. page 12 Syn. with Koko. (Prosthemadera Novae Zelandiae)

Tukuraroa, a bird

Turituripourewa, a bird

Turuatu, a bird

Tutumata, a bird. Fam. Scolopacidae. (Himantopus Novae Zelandiae)

Tuturiwatu, a sea bird found inland. Fam. Charadridae. (Charadrius Xanthocheitus)

Warauroa, a bird of passage. Syn. with Pipiwarauroa

Weka, rail as large as a hen; the wood hen. (Ralus Australis. Ocydromus Australis)

Wio, green duck

Wioi, a sacred bird given as an offering to the gods

Wiorau, small grey duck found on the forest streams.