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A Leaf from the Natural History of New Zealand



E rewa, upper eyelid

Hotiki, tattooing on the forehead of females

Hupe, at the point of the nose; in the rima nasi

Kokoti, on the cheeks

Koroaha, on the lower maxilla; where the masseter lies

Korohaha, lower spirals of the cheeks

Moko, general name for the tattooed lines on the face

Ngu, at the summit of the nose

Paepae, on the malar bones

Pongiangia, at the wings of the nose

Puhoro, upper part of the thighs

Putaringa, on the ears

Rapa, posteriors

Rerepehi, tattooing on the cheek

Repi, lines from the nose to the chin

Rito, outer lines of the spirals on the posteriors

Ta, to tattoo

Tipai, untattooed face; a sign the man would be made a slave of

Titi, four lines on the middle of the forehead

Tiwana, over the brows and temples.